The One Day At A Time Gate. . .

About 2:30 this afternoon, I got a text from Todd, our SiteWatch supervisor, wanting to know if we had plans this afternoon. I told him it sounds like I do now.

So same gate, same time. I told him that they made a TV show about this gate a while back. It was called One Day At A Time.

At least I got the call a little earlier today. As far as tomorrow, who knows. I just take it On . . . well, you know.

So far it looks like I’ve solved the program with my dashcam. I first noticed it a few weeks ago when we were almost sideswiped on a day trip to San Antonio. Later when I checked the camera I found that it had stopped recording about 5 minutes before the incident.

Looking over the video files, I noticed other gaps where it started and stopped. And this got me to thinking about how recently the dashcam screen would come on at random times and after a few minutes go back off.

Wondering if this might have anything to do with my problem, on my next drive I noted the time the display came back on and then went off again. And checking later confirmed my suspicions. The video files stopped at the time the display came on and resumed when it went off. So that’s what’s happening, but what’s causing it?

My next step was to email the company’s Tech Support, and after laying out the symptoms, mentioned that I was using a SanDisk memory card. The return email said that SOME cameras have trouble with SOME SanDisk cards and to maybe try another brand. So I did.

And now after about a week and a half the problem has not returned. But the card itself seems to be fine and works perfectly as a standard SD in my computer. Plus I have SanDisk cards in my camera, my phone, and my tablet, all with no problems. So who knows.

As I mentioned, we’ll be leaving this year’s gate guarding stint on February 15th, when we’ll head back to the Colorado River Thousand Trails for two weeks while we get our medical stuff taken care of for this year. Then it’s on to the Lake Conroe TT for a week, and then back to Colorado River for a few days before we head out for Tucson and the Escapade Rally.

So today I once again fought my way through the Thousand Trails’ website and made the prerequisite reservations. And as usual, every time I finished making a reservation and then booking it, I got an error message telling me that there was a problem (at least it wasn’t blue, or green) and my reservation could not be completed.

But, also as usual, when I would go to Current Reservations and check, it would show that the reservation was made, and I would also get an email confirming it.

Earlier this evening we had a Sun Coast fuel (diesel) tank truck come up to the gate looking for pad X29 where a new drill rig was going up. Told him that we were a frack and not a drill site, and I hadn’t heard of a pad X29 around here. Then I ask to see his directions.

The directions are printed on a long strip much like a Wal-Mart receipt, and have pad name and the directions to get there, as well as a contact number for any problems. And as it turned out, he had followed the directions perfectly. They led him right to us. But we weren’t where he was supposed to be. So I suggested he call his contact number to see if they could straighten him out.

Well, his ‘contact’ number turned out to be some lady’s house who was very irate that she had been getting calls at all hours of the day and night for the last two days, asking for directions.

He said “She told me where to go, all right. But I don’t think I want to take a tanker full of fuel there.”

Thought for the Day:

In a starting development this week Microsoft stunned the Tech World with the announcement that  the fabled BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) will be retired.

Long time PC’ers will remember that the BSOD indicates that your computer had just come to a sudden stop, lost its mind, and then threw up on itself.


It seems like the BSOD no longer fits with Microsoft’s image of a giant Tech Company.

And in a related development, Microsoft said today that from now on, the screen that indicates your computer has come to a sudden stop, lost its mind, and then threw up on itself, will now be GREEN.

And no, I’m not kidding. The BSOD is now the GSOD.



6 Responses to The One Day At A Time Gate. . .

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Oh dear…what a story…that poor truck driver…and the poor woman at her wit’s end.  We had a number once that was only 1 off from the hospital…but we grew tired of the middle of the night calls from little old ladies whose husbands needed emergency…and us trying to calm them and help them call the right number (plus a disturbed person began calling with nasty calls)…finally we had the phone company change our number.  Good idea too.  Was free cause that number ought not to have ever been given out.

  2. Bob Davbis says:

    Hi Greg, the GSOD is only happening in the preview version from build 15002 and beyond. BSODs are alive and well for any future general availability versions of Windows 10. They reported in the release notes of 15002 that they wanted to be able to tell when anybody talking about a hang/crash was referring to a GA version versus a preview version so GSOD for preview version and the tried and true BSODs for GA versions.


  3. Butch Williams says:

    For many years, the local High School, Dean of Boys, had the same first and last name as mine, BOTH of them listed in the phone book.

    We had an answering machine at the time, we heard/learned MANY things, that we really shouldn’t have!


  4. Brett says:

    Hey see y’all are doing well
    When is the escapees rally ?
    Frankie and I may try to make it we leave for big bend on Monday

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