A Long, Tiring Day . . .

No Blog Today.

It’s been a long, tiring day, and we didn’t get to the park in Lodi until almost 11pm

More Tomorrow.


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Ah Lodi…went through there gobs of times growing up as we had kin nearby…hope it is not too hot there already!!

  2. Doug Hinman says:

    Now you are going to be up in our country. we live about 40 miles north of Bend at Crooked River Ranch. You hit at a good time as the weather is changing for the better. Might even get to 80 by thursday. Enjoy the stay in Oregon. If you are looking for activities the Hi Desert Museum is a good visit and it is down near where you are staying. Also the views from top of Pilot Butte in Bend are great. not sure if you can drive up there yet tho. This weekend at Crooked River Ranch is the Steel Stampede if you want to see some vintage motorcycle racing on hillside down in the canyon.

    Up at Terrebonne area north of Redmond is Smith Rock State park. Enjoy the stay in our area. Hope the weather stays nice while you are here.

  3. Linda a. says:

    If I already ask Jan this, I apologize, but I’ve forgotten. Lol
    Regarding the Pineapple Angel Food Cake recipe , do I only
    use the cake mix and the crushed pineapple mixed together or
    do I mix the cake mix according to directions and then add the
    crushed pineapple? I have ingredients to make the cake.
    Sounds yummy. I intended to make this cake ages ago.

    • gregwhite says:


      Sorry to be so long getting back to you. Things have been pretty hectic lately.

      Yes, you just mix the cake mix and pineapple together and bake it.

      It’s that easy.


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