Glad I Waited . . .

We slept in this morning, not getting up until about 8am, and then had a leisurely breakfast of orange juice, coffee, and bacon/egg croissant sandwiches.

Since we hadn’t unhitched the truck last night, and didn’t unpack a lot inside the rig, we really didn’t have a lot to do to get ready to roll. We pulled out of the Belvidere KOA about 10, one of the last RV’s still left.

Five miles down the road it was suddenly 11am, when we entered the Central Time Zone once again. We followed 1-90E for about 20 miles till we turned south on US83, heading for North Platte, NE, about 200 miles away.

The first thing we noticed was that as soon as we turned on 83 the road went to crap. And stayed crap for the next 67 miles until we entered Nebraska  Then it was like we flipped a switch over to the Nice, Even Road selection. Then it was smooth sailing for the remaining 125 miles.

Soon after we entered Nebraska we encountered the Sandhills, an area of sand dunes covered in grasslands, that occupies over one quarter of the state.

Nebraska Sandhills

There have been unsuccessful attempts to farm parts of the Sandhills since the 1870’s, some lasting until the early 1900’s. Today the Sandhills are home to over 530,000 head of cattle, and we saw many large herds as we came south.

We pulled into the I-80 Lakeside Campground, a Passport America park, about 3:30, and were led to our grass site by the owner’s granddaughter on her go-kart, a first for us. And by 4pm we were all set up and watching TV. Nice.

Tomorrow afternoon we plan on checking out the Golden Spike Tower that overlooks the Bailey Yard, the largest railroad switching yard in the world.

Finishing up, when we leave here Wednesday morning I want to get more diesel since I wasn’t able fill up on Saturday, due to only being able to use each credit card once. So, using Google Maps, I’ve already scouted out a place to for us to hopefully fill up when we leave.

It looks to have plenty of room to get the rig in and out, and probably even hitch up. And even better, diesel is only $2.25 a gallon.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

Glad I waited.

Thought for the Day:

“The lion cannot protect himself from traps, and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves. One must therefore be a fox to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten wolves.” ~ Machiavelli



8 Responses to Glad I Waited . . .

  1. Mary Burge says:

    Is that a photo? An oil painting ? What an incredibly lovely picture of the Sandhills.

    • gregwhite says:


      It’s a photo I got from the Internet. The rolling grass hills are really amazing.

      Thanks for reading our blog.


  2. Doug Hinman says:

    Hey Greg welcome to Nebraska! we are camped at Gothenburg about 36 miles east of you. we will wave when we go by! Good place to eat there is Whiskey Creek Wood Fire Grill. We will wave when we drive by! Diesel has been dropping as it was about 245 or so when we went thru there a few days ago. Enjoy your visit. I bet you are planning on visiting the train switching yards!

  3. Georgina Lentini says:

    Welcome to Nebraska!! I’m workamping at the KOA in Grand Island. It’s a neat state (just a tad hot right now). I hope to get to the Sandhills on my next day off. Thanks for the photo. Safe travels..

    • gregwhite says:


      The drive through the Sandhills was really beautiful. You’ll enjoy it.

      Thanks for reading our blog.


  4. Anne Willis says:

    I always go inside the store and prepay for diesel so that the pump won’t shut off at a dollar amount. Once that’s done, LeRoy can start pumping. Works for us!

    • gregwhite says:


      I’ve done that in the past, but if I tell them I want to prepay for $200, invariably it’s too much or too little. If I’m still not full, I have to do it all over again anyway. If I only end up needing $185, then they’ve got to go through all the refund to the card rigmarole.

      Plus a lot of places will tell me that their pumps don’t have a cut-off point. But then I find it cuts off at $150. Turns out they never had someone try to buy $250 worth of diesel.

      Between the two cards I normally carry, and being able to swipe each one twice, I don’t have a problem.

      Thanks for reading our blog.


  5. Like Ann said most times if we are topping off both our tanks I”ll prepay inside but always make it as if the truck had never been filled. The credit is generally back on our card in two days.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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