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Mirror, Mirror . . .

Our friend’s Janice and Dave Evens headed out this morning, on the way to Florida for a couple of months.

I got up early, about 8:30, to walk down with Jan to see them off, but she beat me to it by herself.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered Jan an extendable makeup mirror for the bathroom.

Extension Mirror

5X/1X Extension Mirror

It pulls out 30” and has both 1X and 5X magnifications.

But with all the holiday stuff going on I didn’t get around to installing it until yesterday in between Instant Pot stuff.

Or at least I tried.

After marking the holes and drilling them out, I inserted the plastic anchors that came with the mirror.

Makeup Mirror Install 1

I did notice that these anchors had no lips to keep them from pushing on through the wall.

Plastic Anchor

And as I thought, as soon as I tried to screw in the bracket the anchor pushed through and fell inside the wall. So, since I didn’t have any other anchors I was done for then.

Today on my way home from work, I stopped off at Lowe’s and got some of my favorite anchors, like these.

EZ Screw-in Anchors

I’ve used these for years and never had one fail or pull out on me. So it was quick work to push through the remaining old anchor and then screw in the new ones, using the original holes.

Makeup Mirror Install 3

Then it was quick work to mount the mirror bracket.

Makeup Mirror Install 4

Next I screwed the mirror in place and it was ready to go.

Makeup Mirror Install 5

Then when we travel it rides flush against the wall.

Makeup Mirror Install 6

Looks pretty good.

Tomorrow we’ll going up to Pasadena to have lunch, and then run some errands. I know Jan’s looking forward to getting out.

The Word of the Day is:  Mazuma

Thought for the Day: 

Big governent is attractive to those who think that THEY will be in control of it.



4 Responses to Mirror, Mirror . . .

  1. Janna says:

    I have one of those in every bathroom–Montana cabin, had one in the motorhome and one is now sitting in a box waiting to be wall mounted when we finish the drywall.

  2. Jan Thompson says:

    Love the mirror! Reminds me of my moms bathroom.

  3. Bob Davis says:

    Hi Greg, The link to the mirror is not working.


    BTW When I use Edge the link to Amazon disappears but it is there for IE.



  4. Julie Livingston says:

    I have the exact same mirror . But when we travel in the MH we have to anchor it with a small bungee cord hooked to two little “I” loops. Otherwise it comes away from the wall and then comes apart. Just FYI.

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