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Work was about the same as usual today, as I slogged through the server tracking down stuff and taking a lot of notes as I stumble across things I’ll need down the road.

Coming home I stopped off at  the Rudy’s BBQ in Webster to pick up dinner for Jan and I. Jan got her favorite Jumbo Smoked Potato with Chopped Lean Brisket, as well as a side of their Creamed Corn.

Rudy's Smoked Potato

I took the simple path and just got 8oz of their Moist Brisket,

Rudy's Moist Brisket 2

as well as a container of pickles, onions, with some pickled jalapenos and carrots. Really good, and Jan has enough left over another meal.

Tomorrow the first payment for this next year’s rig/truck insurance with National General is due. But when I went to pay it today, I found that rather than the $10-15 yearly jump I was expecting, it jumped $64 per month. OUCH!

Right now, we have a $500 deductible that I’ll probably up to $1000, since in 8 years with them we’ve only had one claim in that time. And that was our blowout in Arizona in May 2015.

I’ve been trying to locate a replacement glass for the light on my side of the bed without much luck. I checked with PPL, CW, and online but came up empty. So I thought I throw it out to our readers.

Bedroom Light Glass

There’s no manufacturer name on the base or the glass, so that’s no help. The glass is about 7” wide and shaped like you took a soup bowl and cut it in half,

So has anyone out there seen something like this?

Recently my Garmin 1490LMT has been intermittently showing a Low Battery indication even though it’s plugged in and getting power. At first I though it might be bad connection, or even a flakey power cable, but a little Googling told me different.

It seems that the built-in battery starts to age and then won’t hold a charge. I guess I’ve gotten my money’s worth on it since it’s going on 7 years old. Since the battery is not considered to be user replaceable, the conventional fix for this is to send it back to Garmin, and for $125 they’ll send you a refurbished one with a new battery. OR . . .

you can order a kit like this for $15,

Garmin GPS Battery Kit

complete with the tools needed to open the case. You can get the battery alone for about $7, but since it’s not Prime, it has $5 shipping. So for a few bucks more, I get new tools to play with. Yay!

I did look into just getting a new one,  but I was looking at $100-$200 with no real step in new features. So $15 it is.

While I was at it, I ordered a new set of toilet seals for the Sealand toilet in our RV.

Sealand Toilet Seals

It stopped holding water recently, and I’ve tried cleaning several times with no luck. So since the seals are about 3 years old, it’s probably time to swap them out.

Tomorrow looks to be a little busy with lunch up in Webster, dropping off some clothes at the Salvation Army in Nassau Bay, picking up our last new window awning for the rig in Kemah, and then some groceries at the Victory Lakes HEB.

Busy, busy, busy!

Thought for the Day:

Sometimes there’s just not enough coffee or middle fingers to get through the day.



5 Responses to Ouch!

  1. Adrian Jones says:

    If your “sconce” (?) light is not matched to another light, perhaps you could just replace it with a complete new one… Even if there is a second matching light, replace both? Removing the one, you will see what the mounting restrictions might be for selecting the replacement.  Please let us know how it works out.

  2. Michael says:


    Different topic – Chris Yust’s website – I get an error stating the website is not safe. An email to the address in the advertisement in your blog gets a return message stating to go to the Candcrvinsurance site. That is where I get the insercure message.

    Figured you might be managing the web site.

  3. Tom westerfield says:

    Didn’t you have a claim from the time you had water in the oil in Las Cruces, what year was that?

  4. Leonard Coffelt says:

    I’ve been a little slow about reading your blogs, but I’m trying to catch up this week. When Nationwide decided to no longer cover big rigs (mine is a 40 footer), I went with Progressive (an RV insurance I would’t Recommend to anyone). When I had glass breakage, they wanted me to do all their legwork, and then spend 3 weeks waiting on them to get the window shipped to me, when the dealer I had found, had the windshield in stock. Then, when my full coverage insurance came due, they wanted to raise rates above what was already over priced. This time, I went shopping and found Safeco Insurance through an Agent in Missoula, MT. (Destination Financial @ 877/553-3400). For better coverage, my annual insurance cost dropped more than $900. You might want to check them out?

    • gregwhite says:


      I agree about Progressive. I saved over $1200 per year when I switched over to GMAC (now National General) about 7 years ago.


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