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Jan and I have been married for over 48 years.

Brady's Landing 2011b

r to l: Lowell Morrison, Landon, Brandi White Morrison, Piper, Jan, Chris, Linda

We have two children, a son, Christopher Andrew, and a daughter, Brandi Leigh.

Piper's Prom Dress

Piper in her Prom Dress

We also have a 22 year old granddaughter, Piper Jean,  the daughter of our son, Chris,  and daughter-in-law, Linda, and a 5 year old grandson, Landon Thomas, the son of our daughter Brandi, and son-in-law, Lowell Morrison.

Landon Kindergarten for About Us

Landon Morrison – Age 5








Jan and I met July 5th, 1967 in Titusville,  FL.  I was spending the summer working my way around Florida and after visiting with my aunt and uncle in Sanford, I answered an ad in the newspaper and started working at Florida Wonderland in Titusville.

Florida Wonderland was a semi-rundown amusement park / western town / marineland type of place.  It was originally built by Tarzan star Johnny Weissmuller for a animal-themed tourist attraction, but it had really gone downhill since being bought by the Governor of Florida’s brother.

Jan was working as a dance hall girl at the Miss Kitty soft drink saloon. I was hired to be a guide / performer at the marineland area across the street on Indian River.

Greg in 1967

Me in 1967 – Taken by Jan

We had 2 dolphins, 2 manatees, a 10 ft alligator, a large elephant seal, and a tortoise big enough for kids to ride on.

I took care of the animals and gave the shows for the customers.  I also lived on-site.

We had no ice machine on my side of the highway so several times a day I had to cross the highway to get ice to keep the feeder fish cold.  And luckily for me, the ice machine was located in the Miss Kitty soft drink saloon.

Was I a lucky guy, or what?

We were married September 28th, 1967 and we’ve been together ever since.

For the first few years, I worked for the Department of Defense  as we moved to different airbases around the country. SR-71A_04During this time, I did electronics maintenance on F-4B,C, & D Phantoms, A-4’s, A-7’s, T-37’s, EB-57’s, RB-57’s, and a number of others, including one time on a SR-71 at Otis AFB, MA. And also worked Huey and Cobra helicopters.

Jan and Brandi 1975

Jan & Brandi at Gulf Shores – 1975

Jan had grown up as an Air Force brat and moved back and forth across the country, including Alaska.

My family had also traveled a good bit and we had even lived in Colombia, South America for almost two years.

The result was that Jan and I both loved to travel.  The only reason I stopped traveling for the DOD  was that our son Chris was reaching school age and we didn’t want to be changing his school every few months.

We ended up in Birmingham, AL where my parents lived.    I went to work for an electronics company that installed CCTV and cable TV in businesses like hotels and motels.

After a short detour in the fast food restaurant business when my father and I owned a Tastee -Freez in Greeneville, TN,  Jan went back to school to get her degree in Medical Records Technology and I went to work for the Alabama Educational Television Network as a Broadcast Engineer.

After Jan graduated, we moved to Montgomery, AL where Jan went to work in Medical Records for Jackson Hospital and I worked as a Broadcast Engineer and Assistant Chief Engineer for WCOV Ch. 20,  the local CBS affiliate.

A couple of years later I became Chief Electronic Engineer in Alabama and Georgia for Storer Cable TV in Montgomery.  Storer Cable later became TCI Cable which became Time-Warner which became ComCast Cable.

In December 1978  we moved to Houston, TX and I went to work for Taft Broadcasting.  And after a brief retirement, Jan went to work for M. D. Anderson Cancer Hospital in the Medical Records Dept.

Despite the innocuous name, Taft was NASA’s prime television contractor for the Space Shuttle program at Johnson Space Center.

STS-3 Landing at White Sands

STS-3 Landing at White Sands

Almost all video, except for launch video, came from Taft,  including the video from the Shuttle on orbit.  I spent a lot of time working at the backup landing site at Northrop Strip, White Sands, NM, and in fact, was there when the 3rd Shuttle flight, STS-3, landed there on March 30, 1982. This was the only time a Shuttle has landed at somewhere other than Florida or California. From STS-5 until the Challenger Explosion, I processed all on-orbit video from the Shuttle and distributed it to the networks.

Jan, in the meantime,  had moved over to Medical Center del Oro Hospital where she worked for the next 13 years in Medical Records Quality Assurance and Utilization Review.

I left NASA in 1987 and started my own Computer/Internet business and built up a large client base of customers. Then in 1998 I went to work for the University of Houston – Clear Lake, doing IT support and website programming, as well as retaining my own business.

In 1994 Jan went to work for Polly Ryon Hospital in Richmond, TX working in Utilization Review. Then in 2001, she moved over to Clear Lake Regional Medical Center in Webster, TX where she worked as a Medical Records Coder until 2007 when we started RV’ing.

We bought our RV, nicknamed ‘Beauty’ on December 27, 2007. She’s a 1999 American Eagle with 62511 miles on her. For a diesel, that’s just getting broke in.

Beauty 468

Our “Beauty”

We picked her up on January 6th, and then on February 6th, we began our RV life, and headed for Alaska.

And all the rest is detailed in the blog.


19 Responses to About Us

  1. Bobbie Chapman says:

    Greg, what drug program do you use to offset the expense of your prescriptions? I know you buy some at Walmart and Costco, but didn’t remember if you are using and insurance, etc.
    Thank you, Bobbie

    • gregwhite says:


      We use Wal-Mart and Sam’s as you said. We don’t have any insurance except for Medicare. We also use the GoodRX app to locate the cheapest place and also get discounts through them. We also have good luck using the pharmacy discount cards handed out at the Doctor’s office.

      Lucky for us, most of our scripts are on Wal-Mart’s $4-$10 discount list.


  2. Boots Gibson says:

    Hi Greg,

    I thought I had seen a link on your site for Tire Traker in the past and that you have talked about it’s use, but I’m not finding a link on your site now.  Are you an affiliate for them, and if so what is your link?  Have been a full timer since 2004 but not moved much while working.  I’m now retired and ready to hit the road.  Getting new tires and want to get an alert system.  Have had them on rental cars (internal to the tires) and liked them.  Do you have any concerns about the LI batteries?

    Am also looking at the Garmin LMT GPS system for RVs.  Any thoughts?  My rig is 38′ and have gotten into blind cul-de-sacs in the past and hope for height protection as well as guidance finding places.  Have used Motion-X app in the past but hear they are shutting down the voice commends so need replacement because I’m solo and reading a map while driving is not for me!

    • gregwhite says:


      I don’t have a direct link to them, but you can order the Tire Trakker through my Amazon affiliate account for the same price.


      This for 4 sensors. Extra sensors are about $35 each. So you will need 4 to 6 more to cover your RV and your toad.

      This is the same one both I and Nick Russell use.

      Never had any problems with the Lithium batteries. The nice thing about the Tire Trakker is that they are replaceable.

      As far as the GPS thing goes, there are ones that say they’re for truckers or RV’ers, but none of them are perfect.

      If you stay on Interstates or US highways you won’t have a height problem. Back roads are another question, and unfortunately those are the least tracked for height.

      I’ve never had my GPS lead me into a cul-de-sac so I can’t help there. But I do check multiple online maps when I’m heading into a new area.

      Hope this helps.


  3. Jim Spain says:

    Hi Greg
    We now live in Titusville and found your information on the park you worked in interesting. I had driven by the remnants of the place many times but did not knowledge its history

    We have the same year coach and I’m Noel having to replace the front air conditioning unit. I know you recently replaced yours but I haven’t been able to locate the blog in which you talked about the details concerning the replacement. What month did you write about that installation

    • gregwhite says:


      My AC replacement started on August 18, 2015 and goes through August 23rd. You can access this blogs by scrolling down on the right side and select August 2015 under the Blog Archives. Then from the calendar right above you can select the days one at a time.

      Hope this helps.

      Let me know.


  4. Snowbird says:

    I see by the recent posts that you monitor this area:)   We are snowbirds but many of our challenges are similar to fulltimers.  I do much of  the bill paying and banking on line, so I have been going back and reading your posts on password managers.   With the requirement on many accounts to periodically  change passwords or due to hacks, a password convention given to me by a security analyst no longer works well.

    If someone steals my laptop and gets around my Windows password, would they automatically have access to my id’s and passwords on the password manager?  For example, if they go xyzbank.com will the password manager log them in?  Or, do they need a separate password for the manager to work?

    An informative blog would also be how you have arranged things so Jan could carry on if you became incapacitated.  It is not like the old days when bills came in the mail and checks were written.  I have kept records on Quicken since 2000, then we wrote nearly 50 chks a month … we have only written 34 chks yr todate:)

    We enjoy your blog and find the information very informative … Thank You!



    • gregwhite says:


      All the password managers that I’m aware of have the option of letting you set a master password for the program. That was you only have one password to remember.

      So you have to enter that one master password into the password manager before it will allow you to log in to any site.

      We have almost no bills except day to day, i.e. cellphones, DirecTV, etc. Anything else is RV related, i.e. memberships, repairs, etc.

      But I’m pretty sure that Jan would not continue RV’ing if something happened to me, so that would all go away.

      Our kids would handle anything else that needed to be done.

      So I’m not sure there’s a lot to say about this as far as we’re concerned, but thanks for the idea.


      • Snowbird says:

        Greg, Thanks for the information … will definitely pickup a password manager.  It will simplify my life and others if something happens to me.

        When you mentioned:  “Our kids would handle anything else that needed to be done.”  My kids would also have to handle everything since my wife is vision impaired. I have a physical survivor file that the kids know where to find it in our house. It has accounts locations, etc … nothing that a thief could use if it should be stolen. However, the kids could not get into any of the online accounts to pay bills, transfer funds, etc.  By using a password manager and password they don’t need to write down to remember, they could better manage my wife’s affairs (maybe that has a double meaning 🙂   Thanks again for the info


  5. Michael Woessner says:


  6. Ken Bolden says:

    Could you suggest a brake system to me. I have a 40′ Newmar Mountain Aire diesel pusher and I’m going to pull a Ford F-150 four door four wheel drive.
    Love your blog. Read it every day.


    Ken Bolden

    • gregwhite says:


      Since Day 1 we’ve used this model of Brake Buddy.


      It’s quick to install and uninstall, and doesn’t require any permanent changes to the vehicle. And if you buy a new toad, it switches right over.

      Let me know if you need any more info.


  7. Kathy says:

    Morning Greg and Jan,

    I have been reading your blog for a least 4 years and do enjoy them daily. I know you had a blowout late year and we have followed in your footsteps.  On Oct. 22, 2016 we had our blowout and Dennis handled it perfectly ( he watched the video).  Long story short we had the mechanics taken care of and not we need the cosmetics taken care of.  We are on our way to Texas and the ins. co. gave use a list of repair shops, I was wondering if you know anything good, bad or indifferent about any of them?

     Coach Specialists Of Texas – Mansifield

    1580 HWY 157 N Building 100
    Mansfield, TX – Texas, United States 76063

    Phone : (817) 842-1144

     Carl Owens Truck Paint & Body

    2415 East Erwin Street
    Tyler, TX – Texas, United States 75702

    Phone : (903) 597-2628

     Shoreline Boat And Rv Repair

    16117 Central Commerce Drive
    Pflugerville, TX – Texas, United States 78660

    Phone : (512) 251-1200

     Russell Rv

    1204 FM 3083 Rd
    Conroe, TX – Texas, United States 77301-6446

    Phone : (936) 788-7799

     Ron Hoover Rv & Marine

    29029 Katy Freeway
    Katy, TX – Texas, United States 77494

    Phone : (281) 829-1560

     Mcqueeney Collision Inc

    7204 FM 725
    New Braunfels, TX – Texas, United States 78130-8709

    Phone : (830) 557-5300

    Class A Rv Repairs Lp

    255 W Pipe Creek Drive
    Pipe Creek, TX – Texas, United States 78063-5388

    Phone : (830) 535-6007


    • gregwhite says:


      Sorry I can’t help with any of these.

      But normally if they’re recommended by the Insurance Co. they should be OK.

      They do a good job of keeping the repair places in line, and won’t recommend them again if they don’t do a good job.


  8. Rick Werth says:


    I recall in one of your post talking about a DC voltage meter you added for your house batteries. Could you tell me how I would connect one up for our 4 6V house batteries? Would the install be the similar for the chassis battery?

    Thank you

  9. Dick says:

    Good morning, I have followed your blog for some time. Nice job. I am interested in your most recent experience with Sitewatch. I have a few questions if you have time.

    Are all of their gates guard shacks? We have worked for them in the past but had 24hr gate out of our rv. How far from the gate was your rv site? Did they help you find the rv site or were you totally on your own? Any other info you feel free to share would be appreciated.

    Thank you,


  10. Wes says:

    I enjoy your blog. You have a great writing style. I found your blog a year ago when searching for gate guard info, and RV blogs in general. I hope everything is going well for you, and that you are enjoying yourselves. Keep up the good work.

  11. Jerry Criswell says:

    Sorry to bother you, but you seem to do a lot of business with Amazon.  Checking my bank statement for Dec I have an amount from Amazon that I don’t believe is mine.  Do you know how to get in touch with them about this?  I have been all over their pages where this should be and can’t find anything.


    PS: If you need more info I will provide.

    • gregwhite says:


      What was this payment supposedly for? Book sales, sales commissions, ads, etc.

      I get payments for a few book sales every month, and both sales and ads commissions and they sometimes show up at strange times.

      What does your info say.


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