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A New Bella . . .

Well, this pre-frack pad is still rocking along, getting everything pre-positioned for the frack sometime this coming weekend.

At some point in the next week Jan and I have to turn around to night shift where we’ll be for the frack, with her on the front gate and me on the pad. Much better than the original idea which was for us to be on opposite shifts on the front gate.

The Company Man took care of my mud problem yesterday by having them bring in several front loaders of gravel and then spreading it out.

So I went from this,

PottyTrailer Mudhole

to this.

Frack Gravel

Much, much better for when it rains next.

We have a new Bella here in Cuero.

First there was Bella Sera, ‘A Beautiful Evening’, in Kenedy, and now we have La Bella Tavola, ‘The Beautiful Table’, and both are delicious. So it’s nice to have a replacement here in Cuero.

On the recommendation of our landlady we gave it a try last night, and were not disappointed at all.

Jan had the Chicken Alfredo

Bella Tavola Chicken Alfredo

while I had the Spaghetti Sampler with Meat Sauce, Meatballs, and Italian Sausage.

Bella Tavola Spaghetti Sampler

Both delicious. We’ve found our new Bella.

One thing really nice about our RV park, Spacious Country RV Park, is the Wi-Fi, when runs between 12 and 15 Mbps, probably the consistently fastest we’ve ever encountered. Even for one’s we’ve paid for.

Todd showed up this morning with a microwave for the shack, as the one that was supposed to be in here was apparently stolen sometime in the past. So now I can have a hot lunch (or dinner) again.

Last minute update –

As of 4:21pm this afternoon, our Fri – Mon Day Shift only Pre-Frack gate has now become a Day Shift/Night Shift Till Further Notice gate.

Which really complicates when Jan and I will be able to turn around to night shift for the frack itself.

Thought for the Day:

“The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.” ― George Carlin


Too Long A Day . . .

Not enough time to sleep.

More blog tomorrow. But here’s something to hold you.

Dawn on the Frack

DAwn On The Frack

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.