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It went down to 23° here in Santa Fe last night, our lowest so far this year. But we made it through with no problems. Our water bay, where I installed the heat lamp last night, never dropped before 37°. I also wrapped a towel about our site water faucet, a PVC pipe that extends about 2 feet above the ground, And when I checked this afternoon it was still OK.

The only thing I ‘OOPS’ on was that when I was being sure my truck door wouldn’t freeze up by opening it several times during the evening, I completely forgot about Jan’s side of the truck.

So when I went out this morning it took me about 5 minutes to get it open. Of course it wasn’t as bad as in 2008 in Sturgis when it took me over an hour to get in then.


I did go outside about 8:45, cranked up the truck, and then turned the defrost and heater on High, so the windows were clear and the inside was toasty when we were ready to go.

Originally before the storm came through, we had planned to leave the rig about 9:45 for Jan’s 10:30 appointment this morning. But with this weather, we left home a little after 9am. Based on all the reports, I was expecting a real mess on the roadways, but zero, zip, nada. The roads were clear and dry.

I wasn’t planning on taking I-45 north due to the many overpasses along the way, and the news reports of all the wrecks this morning. I just had to get over the FM646 overpass and over to Hwy 3. I figured then I’d be home free with no overpasses.

And if I couldn’t get over on 646, I had a backup route to turn around and then take FM517 up to Alvin and then into Clear Lake on FM528 with no overpasses along the way. But this would take a lot longer so that’s why we left so early to allow for this reroute if necessary.

But the 646 overpass was heavily sanded and not a problem, and it was clear sailing the whole way to the hospital.

Jan’s procedure was scheduled for 12:30 and it all went pretty much on schedule. They have a really neat service where they text you as things happen during the procedure.

For instance, I got one when she was taken into the Operation Room, another when the procedure actually started, and another when she was taken to the Recovery Room.

Everything went fine with the lithotripsy, and we were on our way home by 5pm. She said that she was really surprised that she was not having any pain or soreness and probably won’t need any further painkillers.

On the way home we made a Jason’s Deli stop for a couple of large Broccoli-Cheese soups for Jan to have over the next couple of days.

She’s got a follow-up checkup on Feb. 2nd and then hopefully will be done.

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A Three Dog Night.

We don’t have any dogs so it’ll be a 3 heater and one cat night.

First off Jan and I want to wish our good friend’s Nick and Terry Russell a wonderful 20th Anniversary.

Nick And Terry

Many, many more guys. Hope we’ll see ya’ll soon.

Well last night’s low was 31°, and the high today creeped up to 40° and that was about it. And then tonight we’re looking for either 21° to 23° depending on which weather service you want to believe, Of course neither one is ideal.

With these upcoming temps I had planned to set up my heat lamp in our water bay to keep things warm. But I found my heat lamp bulb hadn’t survived storage in the basement and the lamp wasn’t much better so around 11:30 I drove over to the Santa Fe Tractor Supply to pick up a new set.

The temp was about 37° so I had no problems with ice on the roads, but it had rained last night and again this morning so as the temp drops it’s going to get messy.

If fact, based on the predicted dangerous road conditions tomorrow morning I’m worried about whether or not we’ll be able to get to the hospital tomorrow morning for Jan’s lithotripsy procedure.

And with all businesses and schools already closed tomorrow, when a call came in from the hospital around 11am, I was expecting a cancellation, but it was just a confirmation call. But I wouldn’t be surprised to get a call tomorrow morning.

They’re saying tonight will be the coldest in Houston in 22 years. Yikes!

I know Jan just wants to get it all over with, but we’ll have to see. Hopefully it will work out.

By the time I went out to set up the heat lamp in the bay, it was 31° and ice was everywhere. I even had trouble unscrewing the hose connections so I could disconnect us from shore water. I also put a remote thermometer in the bay so I can monitor things.

I was happy to see the temp in the bay quickly climb from 30 to 39°, so hopefully that will take care of things.

About 8:30 I went outside to check on the truck for tomorrow morning. Rime ice was already coating things so I unstuck the wiper blades and left them folded out so they won’t be froze to the windshield tomorrow. I also got the truck door unstuck and open. But it did take a bit. I went out a couple of hours and repeated the process, and I’ll do it again before I go to bed. Hopefully we’ll be able to get in the truck tomorrow.

Stay warm out there.

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