Saturday at the Earliest, Monday at the Latest . .

Which for us means we’ll probably plan on picking up the rig on Tuesday. Don’t know where that leaves Sunday.

I heard from Gary, the Big Wheel service rep this afternoon and he said the new fan motor should be here tomorrow or Friday. They’ve already got the old one out and confirmed what I thought. Not only is the motor leaking, but the top hose coming into it had been rubbing against the top of the motor mounting bracket, and was actually starting to weep fluid a little.

So he’s already got a new hose made and ready to install when the motor goes in. In addition, he’s reworked the u-joints on the driveshaft due to excessive wear.

And he’s going to pressure wash the underneath and rear of the rig which are pretty much covered in hydraulic fluid.

What a deal!  Now I just have to wait and see how much all this is going to cost me.

Either way, we’ll pick up the rig on Tuesday, make the 95 mile trip to Poche’s RV Park in Breaux Bridge to spend the night, using that as a test drive so we don’t get too far away in case of a problem. Then Wednesday we come on in to the Lake Conroe TT.

But due to shortened time schedule, we’ll only be there until Sunday when we’ll move back over to Colorado River TT. Then we’ll be back on  our normal two week schedule.

This morning Jan and I drove down to Webster to do some computer work for an old client who apparently wants me back. But we’ll see.

While we were down there, Jan and I had lunch at our favorite King Food. Hot & Sour Soup, Hot  & Spicy Garlic Chicken with Jalapenos, XXXXXXXX spicy. YUM!

Tomorrow I’m going to make another trip back down there for some more work, but unfortunately won’t have time for King Food, especially with Jan staying at Brandi’s this time.

Thought for the Day:

“Men are ruled…by liars who refuse them news, and by fools who cannot govern.” – G.K. Chesterton 



6 Responses to Saturday at the Earliest, Monday at the Latest . .

  1. Jan Swan says:

    How do you like the every two week move with Thousand Trails? Is it a pain to set up and tear down so frequently?

    • gregwhite says:


      We’ve pretty much got it down to a science after 10 year. With our check list we can pretty much be ready to go in an hour or so.


  2. Joan says:

    So glad to hear you will have your home back soon and they were able to get everything and more taken care of.

    We have never been to Texas and will be coming through to visit our son and granddaughter in Killeen which of the TT do you like better Conroe or Colorado River?

    I so enjoy you sharing your journey with us.

    • gregwhite says:


      Ideally we would take the Colorado River park and put it in Conroe.

      Colorado River is more of a country park with lots of room between the sites and deer roaming around. But it’s not near much with the nearest decent shopping 25 or so miles away.

      Lake Conroe is more of an urban park, very busy on holidays, but everything you could want for shopping and entertainment is close by.


  3. Boots Gibson says:

    Sorry about the expense and time for repairs, but good you found a reputable repairman to get you back on the road.

    Looking at your “Where we’ve been” map I think you need to update it since your last trip north and then back down thru Nebraska and others.

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