What To Do, What To Do?

It was really great to have Jan home again, at least for a couple of days. I got tired of just talking to the cat.

Jan and I may be rethinking our winter stays here as we bounce back and forth between Lake Conroe and Colorado River. If I run the numbers (and I do like to run the numbers, especially when $$ are concerned), it looks like it would be cheaper to spend our out-week from Lake Conroe at the Hillcrest RV Park over in New Waverley about 20 miles away.

I talked about this a couple of days ago in relation to us going over to Medina Lake vs. staying here, while Colorado River is offline. But here’s how it works for Colorado River.

The round-trip over to Colorado River is 240 miles, so figuring 8mpg, that’s 30 gallons of diesel. At $2.50 a gallon, that’s $75.

Since we’re out of our 50 TT free days, we pay $5 per day, plus $3 a day for 50 amp, so that’s $112, and $187 total w/diesel for our stay.

Now for a stay here at Hillcrest, it’s

$14.50 a day x 7 = $102 + 40 miles / 8 = 5 x $2.50 = $12.50

So that’s $102 + 12.50 = $114.50 for our out-week.

That means a savings of $72.00, plus the wear and tear savings on the rig.

So now it kind of depends on how we like Hillcrest. I guess we’ll see.

And now I have another decision to make. The black ink cartridge in my HP 2542 printer is skipping and the color cartridge is running low as well. So I have a choice to make.

I can buy a set of of Black and Color XL cartridges from Amazon for $62, Or I can replace my 3-1/2 year old HP 2542 printer


with a brand-new HP 4650 . . . for only $70.

HP 4650 Printer

So $8 more gets me a new printer.

A new printer that’s faster, has automatic two-sided printing, a document feeder, a touchscreen, and does borderless printing.

Not bad for $8.

Of course I could try a set of these remanufactured LxTek cartridges that are guaranteed to work and not hurt the printer.

LxTek HP 61XL Cartridges

Only $20.

What to Do, What to Do?

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to take Jan back down to Brandi’s where she’ll stay until Wednesday, when I’ll pick up on my way back from Clear Lake.

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Thought for the Day: 

“Never fight with a woman. The only thing worse than losing an argument with her is winning one…and that is much much worse.” 



14 Responses to What To Do, What To Do?

  1. Joyce says:

    I have a 20 year old + HP printer that I refuse to give up.  I know it’s quirks, and I use the remanufactured cartridges as well as refilling them several times each.  Only when we parked the RV at a lake location 20 miles away did I succumb to urges to buy a new automatic 2 sided printer, so I could have a printer both places.   I like the new one a lot.   But I still like the old one too.   What to do what to do, what to do when we bring the old one home again?

    • gregwhite says:


      This one of mine is about 4 years old. Actually the first one only lasted about a month and Wal-Mart replaced it.

      This one’s been fine.


  2. Barbara says:

    Colorado River misses you. ?

  3. Janna says:

    Isn’t it ridiculous when you can buy a brand new printer for the cost of cartridges????  I have a Brother which I absolutely love, I’ve been thinking of trying to find another so I can have one in both houses!

  4. Janice Evans says:

    I told Dave the same thing yesterday. ..that it would be cheaper for us to just go over to the RV Park you were referring to for our week out. . .interesting.  I’m a number cruncher too, and we have gone over to park on the lake a couple times, but we don’t really like it enough to make it a habit. . .will be interesting to see what you think.


  5. Doug Sage says:

    You might check and see if HP sends out new printers with full ink cartridges. A lot of them are only about half full. Also, I have started using refilled cartridges that I get on Amazon. They are quite inexpensive and work great. In fact they have a higher page count than the original cartridges. I am very happy with mine.

    • gregwhite says:


      As far as I know all HP printers come with starter cartridges, even their Laser printers.

      Thanks for reading our blog. We appreciate your comments.


  6. Carl Williams says:

    With the new printer you will be buying ink real soon. Long gone are the days when they gave you a printer with full ink cartridges. You will be lucky to get a few pages printed before your in the same boat you are in now with having to buy new cartridges.

  7. Boots Gibson says:

    You know if you find a cheaper price anywhere , online or off, and prove it to Staples they will match the price.  Worked for me.  I have OLD brother workhorse and newer HP that gives me fits (but I inherited it).

    Totally off subject, do you know anyone you would refer me to to get my 38′ gas rig set up for boondocking with solar?  Generator is dead so needs to be healthy solar setup.    Several YouTubers talk about a fellow in Slab City, but not sure I want to go there to do business.


    • gregwhite says:


      The only place that I’m personally familiar with is Solar City in Yuma, AZ. They were vendors at Nick’s rallies there, and I only heard good things about them. Supposed to be on of the best in the country.


  8. Linda in NE says:

    Why stay in the same couple of parks all winter? Why not travel around a little, try out some of the small town parks? Poke around in some of the more rural areas for a while? Might be a nice change of pace.

    Getting a good printer is always a crap shoot and the price of ink cartridges is frustrating.  I used to have really good luck with the “compatible” ones from Amazon, but then I started getting duds and by the time I find out they are duds it’s past the return date. What to do? What to do? Indeed!

    • gregwhite says:


      This is our downtime. We spend the winter here in the Houston area where all our kids and grandkids are. Then we travel the rest of the year. In fact we did almost 6,000 miles total this year.

      We stay at the Thousand Trails parks here, because it’s hard to beat $8 a night for full hookups.

      Thanks for reading our blog. We appreciate your comments.


  9. Rex Korden says:

    Thanks Greg, for the tip on the printer, I need one an  the 4650 sounds like a deal.

    A few years ago I told you your blog’s ads on the side of the page had some pop-up and motion distracting components, but no more!  I really enjoy reading your blog and following the adventures and technical problems you solve.

    Safe travels and stay well.



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