Nomads and Castaways . . .

.Now that I’ve gotten root access to our webserver I spend most of the day SSH’ing into work working my way through the server’s many misnamed folders trying to get a handle on where everything is located.

The previous guy had a bad habit  of giving folders names that have nothing to do with the contents. So I figure he was either very paranoid or very high, or very probably both, since the two go together

While we were at Pho 20 with Rudy and Caroline Legett last night, Sherri, the owner, knowing how I like hot peppers gave me a whole bag of these Thai Peppers.

Thai Peppers

Even knowing my love of heat, she was horrified when I took one out of the bag and started eating it. Thai peppers are around 20X hotter than jalapenos, and have less heat than most habaneros.

Sherri is always giving us something extra, and/or fixes us something special, as she did last night. This time it was a shrimp/mango/cucumber spring roll that we shared with Rudy and Caroline. Very good.

My number finally came up and I got my copy of Nomadland downloaded from the library to read.


The way the reviews read it was about RV’ers/Workampers and how bad their lives are, working for Amazon, harvesting beets, or selling Christmas trees or fireworks.

But it’s really a story of people, who down on their luck through a myriad of different reasons, are just one step above homeless. Referring to themselves as ‘houseless’, they travel from one low-paying job to another, trying to stay one repair ahead of breaking down along the way in their rag-tag campers, trailers, and vans. It is an interesting read so far,

On a similar subject the LA Times recently had an article entitled ‘Castaways’ in motor homes feel stranded on society’s fringe. In this case it seems these people are maybe a half step below the folks in Nomadland. living in barely-functional RV’s parked often illegally on California streets, trying to survive day to day. Also an interesting, though sad read.

Tomorrow it’s back to work on the webserver  and  then dinner once again at Floyd’s Cajun Seafood up in Webster.

Thought for the Day:  

Approved Guns


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