They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To . . .

The replacement fuses for the electrolysis machine came in today, so I installed them and turned it on. And it stayed on and worked with no problems.

But after I buttoned it up, it didn’t. So I took it back apart, and now it worked fine again. WTH?

Clareblend MiniBlend

But a little investigation showed the problem. Because on the way two of the cables were laced together, they pulled another cable partway off its socket. And then when you opened the case back up it seated back into place. So I retied the cables and the problem was solved. And after thoroughly testing out the unit it was shipped to a customer this afternoon.

When I got home about 4:15 we turned right back around and headed back over to the Whataburger at Victory Lakes for dinner, i.e. Whataburger Jr’s, hot and juicy. One nice is that Whataburger has free drinks for seniors. Sometimes you have to ask, but usually, like today, they volunteer. Nice.

Then it was across the parking lot to the Lowe’s to take back some of the project parts that I got yesterday that didn’t work out, and replace them with some different ones. Hopefully these will work out better.I’ve still got one part coming in from Amazon next week so I can finish it and up and then tell you about it.

Next it was right next door to the WalMart for a few things that we found we needed. Finally heading back toward the rig we made a gas stop at the HEB along the way, before getting home a little before 7pm.

One thing I’ve noticed in the last few years is that replacement parts we’ve bought for the rig don’t seem to last near as long as the original ones.

After our blowout in May 2015 both our passenger side outside mirror and our retractable door step were replaced due to damage. The step died about a year ago, and this past Sunday I noticed that my passenger side mirror no longer works. So that’s another thing to fix.

And both of our original Fantastic Vent Fans worked for over 15 year before I need to replace the motors/gearbox. The replacements only lasted about 3 years before I had to replace them. And that maybe why FF no longer gives a lifetime warranty. Strange how that works out.

On the other hand, our Sharp microwave, our Dometic NDR-1292 fridge (which has never had a recall, our Attwood water heater, our Coleman rooftop air, and our Splendide washer/dryer, all 19 years old, are all still hanging in there. Of course, most of these I’ve had to patch now and then. But I could fix them.

The newer stuff not so much.

Thought for the Day:

Sometimes there’s not enough time or crayons to explain something to some people.


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  1. Linda in NE says:

    It seems like everything made nowadays is designed to fail within a very few years or be DOA. My son just got his 3 year old flat screen TV replaced for free this month. Of course that model was discontinued so he got an even bigger (better?) one. He’s learned to always buy the extended warranty after another TV of his died & got replaced for free because he had the extended warranty on that to. The guy who came to look at the TV after it quit said they last about 3 years, maybe 5 and then they are done. WTH.

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