Four Weeks And Counting . . .

As I’m posting this blog, four weeks from today we will be about 6 hours into our flight from Houston to Frankfurt, Germany, on our way to Budapest, Hungry, and the beginning of our European vacation.

That flight is about 9 hours 45 minutes, and then after a 3 hour 35 minute layover, we’ve got a 90 minute flight on to Budapest, arriving on April 27th at about 1:45 in the afternoon. So a total journey of almost 15 hours.

Then, counting our two pre-cruise days, we’ll spend four days in the Budapest area before heading on to Vienna.

We can’t wait.

Glad We Didn’t Go

Over the years Jan and I talked about visiting the Grand Canyon Skywalk on the Hualapai Indian Reservation, located between Las Vegas and Kingman, AZ.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

But we didn’t, for two reasons. There was no way Jan was getting out on a piece of glass dangling over a 1000 foot drop. Even if’s supposed to safely hold over 800 people, and they only allow 120 on it a time.

And at the time, the way the tickets worked, she had to buy a full ticket, even if she didn’t go out on it. Though I think that’s changed now.

For my part, I would have no problem going out on it, but there’s apparently one more catch. You’re not allow to take a camera, phone, or anything else out with you. So no pictures of your own. Just high price ‘professional’ photos of your visit.

But maybe Jan had the right idea, since yesterday, Thursday, a tourist from Hong Kong was taking  photos along the unfenced edge of the canyon, stumbled, and fell 1000 ft to the bottom of the canyon.

Grand Canyon Skywalk 2


Tomorrow we’ll do some prep work for our Sunday rig test drive. Things like checking that the slide will come in without problems, and that the refrigerator will switch over to propane. Luckily the last couple of days the rain chances have dropped from 60% to 20%.

So hopefully it will stay somewhat dry.

Thought for the Day: 

If necessity is the mother of invention, why are so many unnecessary things invented?


4 Responses to Four Weeks And Counting . . .

  1. Linda says:

    You might want to check baggage size limits on the flight from Frankfort. Some European airlines have stricter limits. Am I more nervous about your trip than you are? 🙂

    • gregwhite says:


      We’re flying Lufthansa over and United back, and so far we meet the requirements.

      Thanks for the heads-up, though.


  2. Elizabeth says:

    I am with Jan…no way would I walk out on that glass walkway either…for love nor money!!  Having been on one 14 hour flight…I do not envy you guys in that…sure hope your seats are comfortable and the food as much as you need.  But being you all have cut way down in eating…maybe that will be ok.  I have some allergies so on one flight I asked that they not put cilantro on my food (cause I would not want to die in the air)…and guess what?  THEY COVERED it entirely…it looked like grass.  My husband ate it.  I would not have if I was him even, because of what they did.  So even though I had requested the same allergy list on my return, I took off the patch on my seat that said I was to have it…and took my chances with whatever they served.  Came out much better that way.  Good ole Delta airlines.  Thanks so much.  NOT!! When I fly now, I take some snack bars (and doubtful we will ever make a super long flight again)…etc., buy spring water in airport…and maybe accept some nuts or something…but you can never assume that the airlines in USA at least will do things right.  I have heard that sometimes other airlines outside this country do quite well.  Well, hope your trip will go perfectly and be all you are hoping for!

    • gregwhite says:


      Lucky for us that neither of us has any real type of food allergies. Jan finds that green(bell) peppers can seem to give her a migraine, but that’s about it. And hot peppers are no problem.

      And of course I can pretty much eat anything. And either of us would eat anything covered in cilantro. LOL

      Thanks for reading our blog. We appreciate the comment.


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