At Least It Waited Until I Was Home . . .

Since our truck developed a radiator leak right before we left on our trip, I needed to rent a car until probably this weekend, so my ordered Enterprise rental showed up this morning. And after I drove the Hyundai Tucson I ended up with, I don’t really like it, especially compared to the Chevy Impala’s that I’ve had previously.

It’s not nearly as comfortable, and not nearly as powerful. Plus, unlike the Impala, when you really step on it, it gets ‘whiney’, and sounds like an enraged lawnmower.

Although I was still a little loggy this morning it was good to be back at work. At least for a while.

Though I had been checking out things while we were traveling, there are some things I can only do from the keyboard. And one of those is security updates. So I shut down the Apache server, installed the updates, and rebooted.

And then it all went down hill fast.

As soon as the system came up, it showed a hard drive error and indicated that I need to run ‘fsck’ (file system consistency check) to fix the error. And when I did, it took off, finding a lot of errors. And several hours later it was still going.

At least it waited until I got home to mess up.

And of course the websites were down as well, with customers finding a dead page when they came to the site. So I put up a forward on the URL to send people to a ‘We’ll Be Back Soon!’ page.

I’ve also got back on my goal of moving the websites up to GoDaddy, in case the HD problems are too severe.

Getting home about 4pm, Jan and I headed out to the League City WalMart to stock up the fridge since we left it pretty much empty when we left.

Then it was over Jennifer’s, the office manager, who had been taking care of Karma while we were gone. But before her home, we took Jennifer out to dinner to thank her for Karma-sitting.

Karma Won This Time 2

Then it was back over to Jennifer’s to collect our cat and bring her home. We were kind of wondering if she would remember us, but she came right to the sound of our voices. And getting her home, she went right back to her old routine, and found her favorite places.

Thought For The Day:

“You must look at the facts, because they look at you.” – Winston Churchill


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