It’s Blasphemy . . .

It poured down all night, complete with a lot of thunder and lightning, some of it close enough that it shook the coach and woke us up.

And it continued on and off most of the day, but we only lost power for a few minutes a little after 4pm. The only real problem with this is that it reboots our DirecTV receiver, which takes about 20 minutes to initialize and come back up, just like when it’s first turned it on from scratch. And it seems like invariably it happens when you want to watch or record something coming up.

A while back I talked to DirecTV to see if there is anyway to bypass this, but was told No.

So I think I’m going to get a small UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for the DirecTV receiver to keep it going during power outages, just like the bigger one I have for my desktop computer. I’ve found several in the $30-$40 range that will do the trick, keeping  the receiver going for 15-20 minutes.

A little after 1pm Jan and I headed out in the rain for lunch and some shopping. Our first stop was at the Santa Fe O’Reilly’s to pick up the rear brake pads that I ordered the other day. While I was there, I also checked the price of new rotors in case I do need them. And I definitely won’t be buying them from them.

They will be very happy to sell me new rotors for $80 each, or $160 for the pair. But will also be very happy to sell me the same Raybestos rotors for $23.79 each.

Yikes! That’s a big difference.

And even with the $17 FedEx shipping, that’s still about $16 less than the cost of 1 rotor from O’Reilly’s.

Next up was lunch at the Yummy Yummy Chinese Buffet over in Texas City. Just as delicious as usual.

In the past, we have used King Food’s Hot & Sour Soup to compare to all others around the country, and the others always fell short. But today Jan committed culinary blasphemy by saying that Yummy’s H&S is just as good, or maybe even better than King Food’s


We had planned to make a WalMart stop on the way home, but by then it was raining even harder so we decided to put it off until tomorrow after we pick up the rental car from Enterprise.

But we did make a quick storeroom stop to pick up the small carry-ons we took on our Europe trip to use for our Waco trek.

Wrapping up for today, Jan has kept a daily journal, not only for our RV traveling, but also our day-to-day lives when we’re parked.

And of course she kept one on our recent Europe trip, too.

Jan's Cruise Journal 1

It’s full of postcards, stickers, photos, and menus, as well a written log of each day.

Jan's Cruise Journal 2

And as you can see, it’s about 4” thick. And heavy too, at about 6#.

And it’s fun to to back though, recalling all the fun times.

Thought for the Day: 

Sometimes I look at people and think, “Really? That’s the sperm that won?”


3 Responses to It’s Blasphemy . . .

  1. Nancy Lee says:

    I kept a daily log when my husband and I made our trip around the country in 2003. I typed it daily because you forget so many little things if you don’t.  Took pictures too but kept a numbered log because I couldn’t print them until we got back home (bummer – what a job then).  But, now that he is gone,(he died the following May) the journal and pictures mean so much more to reflect on, not only on the trip, but also on the good times we had together.  Memories do last a lifetime!

  2. Butch Williams says:



    Our local O’Reilly’s will match the Rock Auto price, but (rightfully) they add the cost of shipping, to the parts price.

    Same price, instant gratification.



  3. Davy says:


    Could you elaborate a bit on Uninterruptible Power Supply? Would something like that work for our PA system. I run about 25 amps or so. When the power flickers for more than a second, it can take our digital board a minute to cycle back on. That seems like an eternity with no sound and a crowd waiting.

    Any recommendations?


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