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As was forecast it did rain off and on all day so the only thing I got done outside was to get my local digital antenna mounted and an up in the air.

New Digital Antenna

Coming inside I switched the TV over to Off-Air and hit Scan. And in a few minutes it had found 111 local channels. WOW.

That’s almost 3 times what it found before I put it up on the pole. Of course, about 80 of those are in languages we don’t understand.

One thing Jan was worried about is how to find out what was on the many channels since there’s not a guide like on our DirecTV. We did find one online that showed the local channels but it would be a real pain to have to check the computer every time you wanted to know what was on.

Then as I was looking at the TV remote I noticed a Guide button. So out of curiosity I press it, and suddenly I had a channel guide.

And just like our DirecTV guide, it not only time and program name, but also gives a short synopsis of what the show is about.


But now my question is, where is this coming from? It has to be coming over the air, but who is putting it together, and what channel is it coming in on? It doesn’t show up when you scan through the channels, just when you use the Guide button.

It must be something standard around the country, since I assume it works everywhere since it’s on the remote. But so far Googling hasn’t turned up anything.

So I’ll keeping looking.

As I mentioned yesterday I got an email from Panasonic saying they were repairing my camera, and then today I got another email saying it was done and they were shipping it out this afternoon. Very fast service.

Thought for the Day: 

Knowledge is knowing how. Wisdom is knowing when.



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  1. Selene Montgomery says:

    Would you share what TV Antenna model you put up and where you got it?  I looked back at some older blog posts, but didn’t find the one when you ordered it.  Thanks!



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