The Downside To . . .

Losing Weight.

I’ve had a number of reports from readers that they aren’t receiving the blog via an email link. I’m been looking at the problem but no luck so far.

The Subscriptions are handled by the Jetpack plugin, and I don’t really have a lot of control over it. About all I can do is to turn the service on and off, and view the email addresses of the subscribers. I can not add or delete anyone. Only you can do that to your own entry.

Stay tuned.

Jan and I headed up to Webster about 1pm, first for brunch at Snooze, and then on to my client’s to pick up the new oil filter adapter for our rig.

Rig New Adapter and Gasket

Right now it looks the weather this Saturday or Sunday might be good, so we’ll see how it works out.

Then it was on over to WalMart/Sam’s for some supplies, but getting back to the truck, Jan realized she had lost her opal ring. She had been showing me how loose it was on her finger due to her weight loss, and it didn’t help that it was so cold today. So somewhere between Snooze and WalMart it had come off her finger.

Opal is her birthstone and I had given her this ring for Valentine’s Day 2013, and it was one of her favorites. So we backtracked our route through WalMart and also checked Customer Service, all with no luck. Then it was back over to Snooze to check there.

However all I could check there was the parking lot, since they closed at 2:30. And with no luck there, I’ll call them tomorrow.

Jan was, of course, pretty upset, but I assured her it was OK, and t hat now I had something else to give her for Christmas. That’s because I got it on Amazon.

Jan's Lost Opal Ring

Opal Ring

Made in England, it’s solid sterling silver, and had 3 real Australian Opals, but it can be replaced with no problems. As I told Jan, it’s only money.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how I had ordered Jan one of these Foam Tablet Holders to make it easier for her to read her Kindles when she’s sitting or lying down.

Tablet Prop

It has 3 different angles, one better for setting in your lap, and another for reading while lying in bed. And a third one in between.

It comes in 5 different colors, and it’s only $11.99. The only downside is that it actually ships from China and took almost 2 weeks to get here. But it is Free Shipping.

Jan like hers so much, and knowing how much time Landon spends on his iPad, we immediately ordered him one.

Landon Tablet Pillow

And Brandi says it’s a big hit.

Glad he likes it.

Thought For The Day:

America is a country which produces citizens who will cross the ocean to fight for democracy but won’t cross the street to vote.


9 Responses to The Downside To . . .

  1. Gail Reitz says:

    I received an email tonight.  First one in several days.

  2. Reynald says:

    First one for me since Oct 26. Glad you’re back and all is well.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lois says:

    Also the first one since the 26th. Happy that it is fixed.

  4. Barbara Windham says:

    Got my email today, first time in several days. I missed it!

  5. Chris says:

    I got the blog today

  6. Butch Williams says:

    I too, got my notice again.


    I love your Though for the Day.

  7. Did you know that Walmart sells the IPad pillow for $19.98?

  8. Len says:

    I tried to order the $11 foam tablet holder, but it took me to an Amazon page, saying it could not be found. I then searched Amazon for “tablet holders”, and found a similar looking one for $35. I guess the China Tariffs have gone into effect since you ordered yours.

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