We’re Not Home Yet . . .

But I guess the good news is that the rig is in the shop getting the oil leak problem looked at.

However that’s not the main reason the rig is in the shop.

After a nice smooth trip from Kingsland, through Austin, and on down US183 to I-10, we made a coffee/kolache stop at the Buc-ee’s there.

However when we came back out and I cranked up, we had no air pressure coming up to either the brakes or the airbags. Walking around the rig, I couldn’t hear any air leaking anywhere which problably meant that the air compressor itself was not compressing air.

So about an hour after calling Good Sam Roadside Assistance we were on our way 3 miles back up US183 to Dix’s Diesel Center in Luling.

RV Getting Towed at Buc-ee's

So we’re staying the night in the nearby La Quinta, right off the Interstate. And since it’s in the shop for the air compressor, I gave them the history of the oil leak problem and told them to take a look at it too.

So we’ll see.

3 Responses to We’re Not Home Yet . . .

  1. Patty Richardson says:

    Hope it will be an easy and not too expensive fix. Glad you are safe and nothing broke while driving.

  2. Jerry Walter says:

    Best to be safe and have it all checked out.

  3. Rob says:

    Good luck with the repairs and I hope they can find that oil leak!

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