Corona Flu = ICD U07.1

First up, Brandi sent this photo over this morning, of Landon and Jack checking in to his online school class.

Landon and Jack in his Online Class

Looks like Jack is just as interested as Landon.

I had originally planned to take a KungFlu break in today’s blog, but a lot of new stuff came out overnight.

In yesterday’s blog, I talked about all the problems I saw with the modeling being used to predict the spread of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party – new acronym) Flu, and how in the last week or so, the number of deaths forecast had gone from 2.2 – 2.7 million deaths in the U.S. down to 100,000 – 240,000 deaths, mentioned as late as yesterday.

But today the model(ers) came up with a new number, 81,766, but maybe as few as 49,156. Besides the strange exactness of the new numbers compared to the old ones, what no one seems to mention is that this is pretty much the number of U.S. deaths due to the seasonal flu during the 2018-2019 season.

And don’t think that this drop is due to all the ‘mitigation’ that’s been done, i.e., businesses closed and people out of work. The 2.2 million and the 240,000 number were all based with taking the mitigation into account, I.e. they were the ‘best case’ numbers.

And just remember what Dr. Birx said about the models on Saturday:

“Just to be clear, we won’t know how valid the models are until we move all the way through the epidemic,” she said.

So she’s saying that we won’t know how accurate the models are until the epidemic is over.

Well, they do say that ‘Hindsight is 20/20’.

Another thing to notice is that according to the CDC, since the inception of the WuFlu, the deaths from the seasonal flu have dropped precipitously. So has the KungFlu replaced the seasonal flu, or are some supposed CoronaFlu cases been mistaken for the seasonal version?

Think this is not possible? Well, check out this memo from the National Center for Health Statistics instructing doctors and hospital how to handle possible KungFlu cases/deaths.

First off,  they designate a new ICD code, U07.1, and then in the last paragraph they say

‘COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death.’

They go on to say that a confirmed virus test is not necessary. So how many people are actually dying from the seasonal flu and not Corona?

This leads to the governor of Connecticut announcing the death last week of a six-week old baby from the WuFlu, supposedly the youngest victim so far. And yes, the baby did test positive for the Virus. But a little further research shows the baby actually was accidently suffocated by the babysitter/nanny, probably by rolling over on the baby while napping.

Wrapping up, tomorrow I plan on running over to our nearby Home Depot to pick up a 4’ x 8’ sheet of pressure-treated plywood to make the base for our new shed. I’m also going to pick up couple of pieces of flat steel bar to use on the shed flooring to bolt it to the plywood.

I’ve already got the screw-in anchors and canvas strapping that I’ll use to strap the plywood to the ground. So hopefully in the next couple of days, we can start moving stuff into it.


Thought For The Day:

Remember when we had to smack the TV because the channel wasn’t coming in clearly? Don’t you wish that work as well with some  people?


6 Responses to Corona Flu = ICD U07.1

  1. If someone would just leave the Experts tell the truth rather then making the daily briefings a Campaign Rally we’d all be better off.

    Be Safe and Enjoy your new shed.

    It’s about time.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    You likely know that not all dogs are happy watching TV…computer screens etc…the granddoggie must be smarter than average!!  Ha!!  Our granddoggie here also will watch TV etc!!  And she is a smarter than usual dog…we are always being amazed at all she does!!  Wonderful your grandson has such a nice dog…every kid needs a dog I think!!

    I appreciate your take on the info being put out there too.  Without testing us all, I do not think we will ever have the complete picture.  My hubby has been ill for over a month…but he is asthmatic, and has bad seasonal allergies in Mar/Apr every year.  And he never had a fever, etc etc.  And of course, we were not going to be seen unless he could not breathe…one night yes, I was quite scared but he refused to go.  Said if he was going to die, it would be at our home. Fair enough.  By his age he should have that choice.  Fortunately, he is doing better…oh, last week he went off a new med he was put on a few weeks back and one side effect is coughing!!  And got better since he quit…so how can anyone know, in our case, just what is going on.  Yes, we stay secluded…we happen to believe that sick folks ought to be isolated from others.  Of course, it helps if you believe what the Bible says eh?  Lots of good advice there.  I am making masks for us and daughter’s family however…cause if “THEY” want us to wear a mask in public, we can do that.  We doubt it actually protects much…but as Hubby says, “Well, it will make others feel better if we wear them.”

  3. Nick Russell says:

    I’m sorry, but your numbers mean nothing to someone who is grieving the loss of two friends to the virus and who has a family member  in a coma and on a ventilator who the doctors say won’t survive either. In fact, sometime they are downright offensive.

  4. Jerry Walter says:

    Ask any healthcare provider what those numbers mean and they will be like Nick. Ask me and I say consider what might have happened had we not taken these steps. Yes, better safe than sorry. We as a country will snap back from this the better.

  5. Nancy K says:

    In all that I have read, it seems the Public Health officials are attributing Covid 19 to almost all deaths, even those which are obviously heart attacks, car accidents and yes, a baby being smothered.  They aren’t even testing any more, just putting another check mark on the paper.  Reports of deaths from everything else in the world have steeply declined.  How could that be?  Sounds like the numbers aren’t correct to me, but that may just be the accountant in me.  I am deeply sorry for those who are losing family members, no matter WHAT the cause.

  6. Lois says:

    Greg I do look forward and appreciate your updates on the facts the news doesn’t tell you. I appreciate how you put in perspective and pass along your information to work friends who have crazy anxieties about this virus. Your information has helped a lot of people.
    We are all taking this seriously and following all the rules.

    Nick, I am sorry for your lost.

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