The Next Ones To Cave . . .

Jan and I had lunch once again at our nearby Spring Creek BBQ with both of us having the Baby Back Ribs and splitting a basket of their Fried Okra.

Spring Creek BBQ Ribs

All really good.

It looks like two more companies are caving to the recent events in the news.

The Winn-Dixie grocery store chain is looking to change their name. W-D has been around since 1925, but became Winn-Dixie when they bought the Winn & Lovett chain in 1934, and then later the Dixie Home chain, thus becoming Winn-Dixie.

And Dixie Beer, the oldest brewery in New Orleans, around since 1907, is also looking for a new name and logo.

So who’s next?


Another in our Where We Were 11 Years Ago Today series.

June 27, 2009

Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hill…

Today we drove the toad about 50 miles south to Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hill, NC to see the Wright Brothers Monument celebrating the first powered flight on December 17, 1903.

Here is the the picture of Kill Devil Hill where the Wright Brothers first tested their gliders starting in 1900.

Kill Devil Hill

Kill Devil Hill

Here is a pic of the 1900 glider that they flew from this hill.

1900 Glider

1900 Glider

Here is a couple of pictures of the 1903 Flyer that the Orville Wright used to first achieved powered flight.

1903 Wright Flyer from the left rear

1903 Wright Flyer from the left rear

1903 Wright Flyer from the right rear

1903 Wright Flyer from the right rear

They made 4 flights that first day before a gust of wind overturned the craft while the brothers were discussing the 5th flight, ending their flying for that year.

The first flight traveled 120 feet,  the second traveled 175 feet,  the third traveled for 200 feet, and the last flight traveled for an amazing 852 feet and lasted for 59 seconds.

You can see the relative distances in these two pics.

First Flight Distances 1, 2, 3

First Flight Distances 1, 2, 3

First Flight Distances 2, 3, 4

First Flight Distances 2, 3, 4

I had to spread them across two different pics to get them all in.

It was really amazing to contemplate while looking at the Wright Flyer, that less than 66 years later,  we landed on the moon.

After leaving the monument area we drove around the area doing some sightseeing.

Later we headed up north to Virginia Beach, VA to eat at El Pollo Loco and stop off at a Sam’s Club for ‘stuff’.

Due to running out of time, we decided to visit the Military Aviation Museum tomorrow.

Thought For The Day:

TOMORROW: A mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation, and achievement is stored.

2 Responses to The Next Ones To Cave . . .

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Funny, I lived a decade in the South but never caught onto Dixie having a bad meaning…  sometimes you feel like the whole world has left their senses.  Well, in my lifetime, there are words that never had a bad meaning…but some bunch came along and decided to give it a nasty meaning…and there you are…as they say, language evolves…apparently so…

  2. Norman Sullivan says:


    How is driving the MH out to Kitty Hawk?

    I do NOT pull a toad with our 36 ft. Allegro.

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