Cutting The Cord, Almost . . .

Probably in the next couple of days, after Jan gets home from Brandi’s, we’re going to shut down, or at least, suspend our DirecTV account. It will be the first time since sometime in 1997 that we won’t be using DirecTV’s service.

But DTV keeps raising their cost, now up to a little over $190 a month. And we don’t have any premium movie or sports channels.

But we’ve found that YouTubeTV is a very suitable replacement, at $65, it’s 1/3 the price. We have added about $25 of other services, like CuriousityStream, CBSAllAccess, and Acorn to round out our menu.

Even better, we’re getting everything in HD, which we didn’t on DTV since our Winegard Dome wouldn’t support it.

Today I went to pull up something from our Saved area in Facebook, but couldn’t find it. There was no listing for Saved under the menu area. So I did a little Googling and nothing directly related popped up, but I did find that your Facebook Saved  area is located at so I typed that in and WAHLA, all our Saved stuff came up. And when I then went back to the menu area, Saved was once again in the list.

I mentioned the other day that since California had gone to their all masks/all the time condition, that KungFlu cases had really jumped the next 45 days, well outside of any possible incubation period linkage.

Well, here’s a chart from Los Angeles County where they mandated masks back around the middle of May.

I don’t know about you, but it sure doesn’t look like masks have even slightly slowed down the rise in cases.

LA County Mask Cases


This time last year we were not on the road, but parked here in Santa Fe, Texas

July 28, 2019

It’s Drying Time Again . . .

After I got coffeenated this morning, I pulled the washer back out  and popped the top lid. I had figured it would be quick and easy replacement/fix to install the new dryer fan motor, but it turned out to be a little more involved. Much like most repairs.

Washer Dryer Blower Motor - New

I inserted the motor/squirrel cage fan assembly down into the housing and tightened it down using the 3 screws. Then turning on the power, I started the dryer.

And nothing.

Well, the drum started turning, but the fan motor didn’t. And when I tried to turn it by  hand it wouldn’t budge.

Well, it was working when I installed it.

So I loosen the mounting screws and tried it again. And it would now turn, but it was scraping inside. A couple of more turns and it was spinning free.

So I removed the assembly and compared it with the old one. And despite having the same part #, the new one was slightly deeper than the old one, so the fan was rubbing against the inside of the housing.

But a couple of shim washers took care that problem.

Cranking it up again and letting it marinated for a few minutes, I felt the washer door and it was hot. But before I buttoned it up, I went ahead and replaced the Thermal Overheat Fuse since they usually only last a couple of years.

Ten minutes later it was all back together, back in the cabinet, and doing a load.]

It’s Drying Time Again.

Jan will be happy.

Lowell has been sending over some photos of the great time they’re having down in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Trip 1


Costa Rica Trip 2 H

Looks like Landon has the right idea.

Costa Rica Trip 3


Costa Rica Trip 4


Costa Rica Trip 5


Costa Rica Trip 6


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3 Responses to Cutting The Cord, Almost . . .

  1. Jason Deas says:

    We were thinking about cutting the cord as well. My wife called and said because of the virus we had to cut back on some things. They said they could offer COVID relief and gave us $85 off a month until next year. This was with ATT U-verse but don’t they own DTV? Maybe you could give that a try if you aren’t quite ready.

  2. Linda in NE says:

    We cut the cord over a year ago when we finally got Internet fast enough to support it. Roku box, Hulu, Netflix and we already had Prime. There are some minor annoyances but the difference in price from DirecTV makes them bearable. And the service doesn’t cut out any time there is a cloud in the sky over any of the southern hemisphere. We also cut off our landline phone and use VoIP through an Ooma box. The bill is quite a bit less than half of what Frontier charged. Sometimes the sound isn’t perfectly clear but I think it’s more to do with the phone of the person calling than the Ooma system. We can’t go strictly cell because reception here isn’t very good.

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