Prince of Darkness . . .

Jan drove into work with me yesterday morning so she could spend the day getting her nails done, and then some shopping at Baybrook Mall for a while.

In fact, she’s decided to do it again once a month or so.

This afternoon we left the rig about 12:30 heading up to the new Eggcellence for brunch.

Jan tried something new this time, the Avocado BLT.

Eggcellence Avocado BLT

But I stuck with my favorite, the Texas Sampler.

Eggcellence Texas Sampler 20210306

We both get Fruit instead of the Hashbrowns, and I get an English muffin rather than the buttermilk pancakes that’s supposed to come with mine. Every calorie helps.

Then it was on up the feeder a bit to one of Jan’s favorite places, Harbor Freight. Yeah, I know. She’s weird, but then she does love me. So I guess it works.

Our next stop was back down at FM646 where Jan got her hair cut while I picked up a few things at the HEB next door. Then it was home for the night.

Tomorrow it’s up on the roof for me. I’m going to replace the motor/fan unit for our rear Fantastic Vent Fan on the rig. Then I planned to take a look at the overhead AC unit to try and find where the problem with it is.

While I was in HEB this afternoon, it sure seemed like a lot of people aren’t waiting until next Wednesday go maskless, but have jumped the gun.

And it’s easy to see why. I mean what difference can it make if everyone ditched them today, or four days from now. When the governor of Mississippi announced the end of lockdowns and masks for his state, he did it the very next day.

It seems I’ve been coming across a number of neat cars in parking lots lately, And today it was this really nice 1955 Chevy.

1955 Chevy 150 Side

For some reason it doesn’t look as nice in the photo as it is in real life. But it’s spotless. The owner, who walked up while I was taking the photo, and told it was a 150 model, without all the chrome trim of the Bel Air.

And the he showed me the engine,

1955 Chevy 150 LS Engine

He said it’s a LS series Corvette engine that he put in after burned out the original one. And when he cranked it up, you could hear the 3/4 grind cam’s ‘lump, lump’ idle. And the dual glass pack mufflers.

Another really neat ride.

And on the subject of cars, anyone who ever owned a British sports car, or any British car, really, will appreciate this.


In 1967 I bought a 1965 Triumph Spitfire like this one, except mine was race-prepared for SCCA racing and had a rollbar.

1965 Triumph Spitfire

I bought it from the brother of an ex-girlfriend (it did not end well). And in hindsight this should have been a warning. But the brother did warn me about some of the car’s, let’s call them ‘electrical idiosyncrasies’.

‘Idiosyncrasies’ like the left turn signal also turned the radio on and off. And turning on the radio would sometimes honk the horn. And there were a number of other intermittent ones. I’d fix one and another one would pop up.

Finally out of patience, I spent a couple of weeks pulling an entire new harness thru the frame and fixed it once and for all.

Thought For The Day:

Armageddon won’t be pretty, but it’s not like it’s the end of the world or something.


2 Responses to Prince of Darkness . . .

  1. Rob says:

    When I saw the title of today’s piece I immediately thought of Lucas! Years ago (1972) I had a Triumph 2000 sedan and I learned about The Prince of Darkness…


  2. George Rawley says:

    Last message from you was March 6, 2021. Are you and Jan okay?

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