Well, Wherever It Is, It’s . . .

Jan and I came back to the rig about 10:30 this morning, after an HEB stop, and coffee from Cowboy Coffee.

I had left the shore water turned off, as well as the pump, just to be sure that that nothing came loose overnight. So I turned the shore water back on, and so far it’s working perfectly.

I’ll wait a week or so, take the pedestal cover back off, and then retighten the nuts back down.

But so far, so good.

Last week, after the Big Freeze I ordered a thermometer that I can remotely monitor over the Internet, one like this one.

Govee Temperator Sensor

Govee WiFi Thermometer/Hydrometer Smart Sensor

So when it came in at work, I set it up and configured to check it out. And when it worked fine, I tossed it in my bag to bring home. Or at least I thought I did.

I actually forgot about it for a couple of days, but when I  remembered it, I dug into my bag, and came up empty. I figured at the time that it had either fallen out of my bag, or maybe not made it into my bag.

But when I looked for it back at work, I again came up empty. But on a hunch, I tried to monitor the sensor using the Govee phone app. And there it was.

Somewhere in the office. And I knew it was close since I could connect with it via Bluetooth as well as WiFi. And so far I looked everywhere, with no luck.

But wherever it is, it’s 72.6° with 55.6% humidity.

Tomorrow we’re going to move some stuff over to our storage room over in Dickinson so we can sort through it.

And as we’ve been sorting through stuff, Jan came across these two photos from the past.

This one shows my parents at one of their Gulf Shores, AL rental beach houses down at Orange Beach. According to the back, it was taken in 1984.

Mother and Daddy At The Beach House 1984-500

And this one is a favorite of ours.

It shows our two mothers pushing a cart together, Jan’s on the left and mine on the right, while we were shopping at WalMart. This was probably around 2005-2006.

Two Moms At WalMart - 500


Thought For The Day:

A dispensation perspective is a powerful tool for discernment.



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