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Gate Guarding – Our 2nd Year

I’ve linked to the start of our 2nd year of Gate Guarding in South Texas.

It starts August 23, 2013 and runs through November 24, 2013. Check it out.

Another Gate Guard Company

A blog reader told me about another Gate Guard company, Guard 1 Services, based in Houston.

They’re presently advertising for Gate Guards and paying $152/day, $27/day more than many of the other companies.

You can check out their ad here.

How We Got Started Gate Guarding

I’ve had some more inquiries about gate guarding and how to get started, so here’s a repost of the info.

When we started last year, we just showed up at the Gate Guard Services yard in Whitsett, TX and told them we wanted to gate guard. We did not call ahead.

We had heard to do it that way because they get so many calls and requests for info that they really don’t pay any attention until you get there in person.

We got there on Thursday, April 5th about 5:30, but every one had already gone home at the office. But the guy working the shop showed us where to park. They have 5 FHU sites and a number of places with power and water. There is no charge for parking there while you’re waiting for a gate or coming off a gate.

The next morning. I went to the office and got our info packets and fingerprint cards. We then drove over to Floresville about 20 miles away and got our fingerprints done at the Sheriff’s Office.

Then we had to drive down to Corpus Christi on Tuesday, April 10th to process our applications and take our security guard tests. We had to wait until Tuesday because they only process apps on Tuesday and Thursday.

Five days later, on Sunday, April 15th, we were on our first gate.

Doing it this way will work in the Spring and Summer, but probably not as well in the Fall and Winter when the all the snowbirds are down in south Texas wanting to gate guard for the winter.

Gate Guarding pays $125 a day or more depending on how busy your gate is. And just to be clear, the $125 is per couple, not per person. But it is $4000.00 every 32 days. Not Bad.

The company furnishes you a 11KW diesel generator, diesel to run it, a 500 gallon water tank that they keep filled, and a portable septic system. So even though you are usually out in the middle of nowhere, you have full hookups.

The one real downside to gate guarding is that most gates are 24/7. So one of you has to be on the gate at all times. Some couples do 12 hour shifts, but Jan and I prefer to split it up. She works the gate from 7am to 1pm, I work from 1pm to 6pm, she works from 6pm to 11pm, and then I work from 11pm to 7am. This seems to work for us. Your mileage may differ.

But one thing to keep in mind is that although you’re working 12 hour shifts, you don’t actually WORK that much. Last year we averaged about 80 vehicles a day, and never had more than 130. Based on about 30 seconds per vehicle, you only actually work about 30-45 minutes a day. The rest of the time you’re sitting in the shade reading or playing on the computer. Jan read 84 books in 4 months last year.

For more information you can go back on our blog starting April 5th, 2012 and read about our gate guarding adventures last year. Or just leave me a comment.

List of Gate Guard Companies

The first 4 are the main ones, with GGS the biggest.

Gate Guard Services, L.P.- 361-949-6992

LOMA Rentals, LLC – 817-964-1828

Time Keepers – 830-816-5059  Toll Free – 877-851-7676

SiteWatch Gate Guards – 800-561-7202


C & K Rentals  [email protected]

Chapa  361-449-6294

Guard 1 Services  800-994-2133

J&G Security  361-236-4555

KC Services  956-236-5255

MR Ranch Services  956-346-1994

Oil Field Support Services  361-815-7050

Overwatch  830-589-3002

Pro Gate Security – 830-776-8666

Primo Gate Guards – 361-563-9272

Red Horse Protection  817-244-0222

Regulators Gate Guards  361-945-4546

Riata  [email protected]

Trinity  956-241-1675

Highest-Paid Oilfield Jobs

(Salaries Based on North Dakota Positions)

1. Drilling Consultant: $238,697

A drilling consultant is an expert in all types of drilling operations. To become one, you typically need a bachelor’s degree or higher in engineering or a related field and at least five to 10 years experience in the oil field. The job tends to require frequent travel.

2. Directional Driller: $192,799

This is one of the highest-paid positions you can get without a college degree, though a bachelor’s degree in engineering or geology can’t hurt. Directional drillers typically work on-site running a rig, and as the main liaisons with engineers, company men (see below) and geologists. They typically have three or more years of experience in the field.

3. Foreman or Superintendent: $182,483

Sometimes called a “company man,” this managerial/supervisor position involves overseeing day-to-day operations of a crew, including safety, budget and maintenance, and coordinating with the various contractors that work with the company. The job is largely held by senior oil and gas professionals with many years of experience.

4. Workover or Completion Driller: $151,947

A “workover” or “completion” rig is placed on a hole after it’s been drilled. It’s typically used to insert tubing or pipe into the hole, perform major maintenance operations and set up the infrastructure for a hydraulic fracturing job. It’s one of the more technically difficult jobs in the field and tends to require an engineering degree. A workover driller will also assess well performance and recommend solutions for optimizing oil production.

5. Reservoir Engineer: $149,611

There are many types of engineers in the oil field. One of the highest paid is a reservoir engineer, which involves estimating oil reserves and performing modeling studies to determine optimal locations and recovery methods. Other high-paid engineering jobs include a drilling engineer (averaging $142,664 a year), petroleum engineer ($126,448 a year) and mud engineer ($109,803 year).

6. Rig Manager: $140,560

Rig managers tend to oversee and manage the crew that’s working on-site. The job could include prepping and managing the budget and making sure targets are met. A bachelor’s degree isn’t usually required, as most rig managers start at the bottom as a rig hand or roustabout and work their way up.

7. Geoscientist or Geologist: $126,575

Geoscientists and geologists in the field study the composition, structure, process and physical aspects of the earth’s energy resources, including analyzing data and collecting samples. A bachelor’s degree or higher is required.

8. Coil Tubing Specialist: $106,976

Coil tubing refers to the metal piping used in an oil well after it’s been drilled. The tubing needed to pump fracking fluid down a well, among other operations. A coil tubing professional provides technical support and overseas the operation from start to finish, and tends to work as a contractor with many different oil companies. No bachelor’s degree is required.

9. Well Control Specialist or Well Tester: $102,868

Well control specialists or well testers typically travel from site to site, setting up and taking down rigs; inspecting production levels and equipment; and testing flowback quality. No bachelor’s degree required, though strong analytical skills, computer skills and experience with Excel spreadsheets is needed.

10. Stimulation Supervisor: $101,703

These jobs involve the work done to a well to increase production, including the process of hydraulic fracturing, when a mix of chemicals is pumped down the well to create fissures in the rock formation. It helps to have a degree in organic chemistry, chemical engineering or many years of experience working on fracking operations.

29 Responses to Gate Guard Info

  1. Ken turner says:

    Good info. Very interesting! I was just wondering, what if it’s just one of you? Ken

    • Greg White says:


      Then you probably have a problem. There are a few 12 hour/18 hour gates, but not many.

      I did meet one guy was actually working a 24 gate by himself, but it wasn’t real busy.

      The gate guard companies would also probably be leery of putting a single on a 24 gate, too.

  2. bob tucker says:

    Greg, We were at Nick’s last rally in Celina and attended your presentation on gate guarding. We happened to go with Loma $135/day. Wound up on Faith ranch rd. I was know as the candy man since we gave out candy every day. Drivers are funny, we had one driver during fracking wish for a watermelon jolly rancher, and was thrilled when he got one.

    Enjoying your blog. We are headed to Alliance Coach in Wildwood and then to the oil field. Last year we were near (30 miles) Carrizo Springs. We enjoyed ourselves and met lots of great folks.

    Enjoy life

    Bob & Lois

    • Greg White says:


      Glad you enjoyed the presentation.

      How did LOMA work out for you?

      Some people have not been real happy with the quality of their support, as far as generators, water delivery, etc.

      Any problems on your end?

  3. george Keefe says:

    November 2, 2013

    the delivery of water and diesel for the generator is always there but the timing is questionable. They say every seven days, but could be nine or five. We started again in Oct and there have been more five’s then eights. They also are pumping out the water tank every second or third trip, getting sediment out of the tank bottom. We do love the light tower.


    • Greg White says:


      On this gate, GGS set it up so we get diesel, water, and pumpout from the Tan Mar people who delivery to the rigs.

      It’s worked out pretty good so far.

  4. bob tucker says:

    How is your log in/out program coming along?

    We used an excel spreadsheet for most of the folks. Fracking and sand trucks were the exception. Really worked out for us. I know some folks use a digital recorder with vehicle license number and last name of driver and number of occupants, company name. I was thinking of taking a digital photo, getting a card reader for their license
    number and keeping them tied together.

    Keep us posted if it develops.

    We are in Wildood at Alliance coach for some serevice work before heading to the patch.

    Have you ever used Speedco for oil changes?
    Enjoy life

    • Greg White says:


      The logging program is pretty much done and GGS says thy don’t care how we log as long as we have a record. Every now and then I will think of something to add to it, but I think I’m done with it.

      I’ve been using it to just keep track of tag numbers, companies, and drivers, and occaisionally logging people in with it, but with only about two weeks to go here I thought we’d just finish up with the paper logs, and start fresh next year with the computer version.

  5. Charley says:


    Love your blog as well as the gate guarding info. Of the companies you’ve mentioned, do any of them operate in states besides Texas?

  6. Janis Thomas says:


    Colleen Sykora of Workers on Wheels had posted an ad for Guard 1 Services in Houston, TX. I sent them an e-mail and got a response. Have you heard of them? They say they pay $152/day for gate guards. We are thinking of heading there Dec. 26th.


    • Greg White says:


      I have not heard of them but their website looks pretty good.

      And the money sounds good, too.

      Where were they advertising?


  7. nikki says:

    im a gate guard h2s certified own rv with a partner i need a gate asap any numbers to call?

  8. geoge says:

    February 28, 2014

    capital Well Service
    Michael Jimenez



  9. Candace says:

    You have iven such complete information that the only ? I have is about your tracking program. If we decided to gate guard at some point my hubby would probably prefer paper logs, but if it was a simple process to put on our netbook, and all he had to do was type info in, he might go along with it. I always prefer 100% paperless. If it’s do-able, you may have a product worth selling as a download 🙂

    • ourrvadventures says:


      Your Gate Guard company and/or Oil company determine how you do your logging.

      Some companies now have you do all your logging on an iPad that they furnish.

  10. SeaShell says:

    I just heard Guard 1 is looking for both RV and 12 hour shifts guards and have some spots open for both at the moment! 713-337-4300

  11. Alisa Rogers says:

    Gate Guard Services is hiring right now!! Call Carole Brietzke 361-960-3104 or the office is 361-653-0468. We love them!

    • ourrvadventures says:

      Yeah, we’ve worked for them for 7 months over the last two years.

      Nice people.

      We’ll be back with them in August for a few months.

  12. apryl hicks says:

    We are interested in gate guarding but my mother travels with us I wonder if that will be a problem??

    • ourrvadventures says:


      As long as there are two people available to work the gate, I don’t know of any reason that an extra person would be a problem.

      I’ve heard of couples with kids working gates, so a mother shouldn’t be a problem.

      Hope this helps.

  13. George Keefe says:

    May 21, 2014

    Can Mom drive? These are mostly 24 hour gates ant you or spouse need to be there on duty 24-7. If she can drive and make a grocery run it will help you cope with the keeping the larder supplied. But if you have to supply her with care you will have to figure that out around your gate duties.


  14. Ken Bolen says:

    Would like to sign up for your daily email blog like Nick’s.



    • gregwhite says:


      If you will look on the right sidebar of our blog, the 2nd item down says Subscribe to Our Blog Via Email. Enter your email address in the box and click Subscribe.

      You will then receive a confirmation email. Respond to that email as requested, and BINGO, you’re subscribed.

      Hope you enjoy our blog.


  15. Ken Bolen says:

    Oh, never mind I found it. 

    Thanks again.

  16. Terry Cameron says:

    As a gate guard, are you a company employee with a W-2 or a 1099?

    • gregwhite says:


      As far as us and Gate Guard Services, we’ve always been on a 1099.

      But I think there are some companies out there where you’re an employee.

  17. Shawn Fluitt says:

    Good article, I own a Gate Guard Company and have been in the business for 30 years. I was our first Guard. We are currently looking for Guards is there a way to advertise with you? Please call me at 201-413-0340.


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