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We’re going to Disney World…

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Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Actually, we’re already here.

We got in today, but we won’t start visiting the parks until tomorrow.

We’ll be here until May 1st  so we have plenty of time to see everything.

Here are some pics.

Our RV site at Fort Wilderness, Disney’s RV park.

Disney's Fort Wilderness RV Park

Disney's Fort Wilderness RV Park

Two Beauties

Two Beauties

World Sphere

Spaceship Earth Sphere

More Pics Later…


Jan and I drove down to Tampa’s Busch Gardens today.

And a fun time was had by all…

Well, maybe Jan didn’t have quite as much fun as I did.

In fact she used words I didn’t think she knew.

And this was on the family-friendly ‘baby’ roller coaster. I wasn’t able to get her on any of the bigger ones, like the SheiKra, that goes up 200ft and then hurls you straight down at 80mph, or the Mantu that has 3 consectutive 360 degree vertical loops in a row.

Note the difference in enjoyment levels in the pic below…



More pics later…