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Fremont Street Redux and a New Throne…

Well, Nick and Terry headed out for Kingman AZ about 10am and it sure is quiet around here.

We’ve been pal’ing around for the last month, starting with the Gypsy Journal Rally in Yuma.right up until last night at the Fremont Street Experience redo.

Although it’s possible our paths might cross earlier, we probably won’t see each other again until the first part of August in Elkhart IN.

So last night we went back down to the Fremont Street Experience because we wanted to see both the Queen and the KISS videos on the overhead screen.

In between the two videos we had supper at Mimi’s Cafe, a restaurant we first tried in Yuma, A good choice for our last meal, so to speak.

After seeing Nick and Terry off, Jan and I went to an early lunch at IHOP before heading back to the rig. On the way back I stopped off at the RV park office and paid for another week.

Then it was time to get back to work on replacing the toilet, a job I started last week. But it was more fun running around with Nick and Terry than working on the toilet. Who knew?

About 4:30 pm we went out to Pepe’s Tacos right down the road from our park to check it out. Not bad.

Then it was back to the rig and the toilet.

Finally about 8:30pm I had the new toilet in and working. I’ve still got some buttoning up to do on it, but at least we don’t have to walk down to the bathhouse to use the restrooms now.

Life is going to be a lot more boring now that Nick and Terry have headed out…quieter, but boring.

We’re really going to miss them, and look forward to seeing them again soon.

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