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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Poche’s and Gumbo . . .

We had a 307 mile trip scheduled for today, to Poche’s Fish N Camp near Breaux Bridge, LA, so we wanted to get an early start.

So we were up about 6:30, and I was pulling out of our site a few minutes after 8am, with Jan following in the truck. Our first stop was the Brookshire Bros. Groceries gas station in Columbus for $2.03 diesel, about 80 gallons worth.

Diesel At Brookshire Bros

It was easy in and out, with plenty of room to hook up the truck after we were done. The only problem was a really slow pump, so by the time we were done and hitched up, it was a little before 9. But as it turned, we were still on schedule, since I wanted to be on the road by 9 anyway.

Our first stop was at the Buc-ee’s in Baytown, right on the way. We picked up couple of their Cranberry Nut muffins for tomorrow’s breakfast, a couple of Cream Cheese Kolaches for today’s lunch, and a couple of Cappuccino/Coffees for the road.

Our next stop was supposed to the rest area just getting into Louisiana, but it was being completely rebuilt so we keep moving, finally pulling over for a bathroom break on a wide shoulder.

We got into Poche’s Fish N Camp a little before 3pm after a smooth trip. It’s a Passport America park, so $20 for a $40 a night park. Pull-thru site, 50 FHU and a concrete pad. Very nice. And a very nice view, too.

Poche's Sunset 2

About 3:30 we drove into Breaux Bridge to have dinner at Pont Breaux, one of our favorite Cajun places. Under this name, and the previous one, Mulate’s, we’ve been eating here for almost 40 years.

Jan and I got our usual bowl of Seafood Gumbo,

Pont Breaux Gumbo

and then Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce for dessert.

Pont Breaux Bread Pudding

They have live music here, Cajun of course, and in fact the band was setting up just as we were ready to leave.

Mulates 3

Tomorrow’s trip is a little shorter, a 165 mile run to Bay St. Louis, MS, and the Hollywood Casino.

Jan said she’s feeling lucky.

Thought for the Day:

Life is not a fairy tale. If you lose you shoe at midnight, you’re not a princess, you’re drunk.



Scratching the Itch . . .

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Saturday’s usually a sleep-in day for me. Instead of getting up at 11am, I get up at noon. But I didn’t go to bed until almost 4am, so cut me some slack.

Of course, 15 minutes after I got up, and before I even had my coffee!, my buddy Nick Russell called and needed help. He broke his blog.

By the time I first had my coffee, and repaired Nick’s blog, it was almost 2pm. So after snapping a photo of our electric meter, I headed down to the park office to settle up on our  electric bill for the almost-month we’ve been here.

Turned out to be $195.12 for the month, which along with the $375 rent, totals $570.12 for our 28 day stay here.  That’s $20 a day.

Not too bad, I guess.

Later, around 7pm, after it had cooled off a bit, I went outside to stow things away for our travel tomorrow, and also to take another look at my AC blower problem that seemed to center of the resistor pak.

AC Blower Resister Pak 0

The pak gets hot in operation, so it actually sticks up into blower airflow to help keep it cool.

AC Blower Resister Pak 1

And after I got it out and unplugged it was quickly obvious what the problem was

AC Blower Resister Pak 2

There was a burnt pin on both the pak and the connector.

AC Blower Resister Pak 3

A little Googling said this was a fairly common problem. The long-term solution might be to replace both the plug and the pak, but I wanted to get it fixed now.

So a paperclip to the rescue.

AC Blower Resister Pak 4

I let it run about 15 minutes, and although it got hot to the touch, it wasn’t hot enough to burn, so I deemed the repair a success.

For now.

Of course, I only have one speed now, high. But we pretty much only run it on high, anyway.


Finishing up, I stowed away the water and sewer hoses, as well as the chairs. So all we have to do tomorrow is unplug shore power, raise the levelers, and hit the road.

Tomorrow night we’ll be at Poche’s Fish N Camp near Breaux Bridge, LA.,  finally scratching the itch.

Thought for the Day:

Dear Karma,  (again, not our cat)

I have a list of people you missed.



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