But I’ll Find It Tomorrow Night . . .

Today was a day of drying out and patching up.

Tonight’s blog will be kind of short, its length determined by how long 28% charge will get me on the battery in this 4 year old ASUS laptop.

It turns out that the one casualty in yesterday’s rainstorm was my laptop’s charger, so after doing last night’s blog I don’t have a lot of power left.

I thought I had a spare one, but diligent searching didn’t uncover it. So I got on Amazon and got a new one on the way, and made the $3.99 Overnight Shipping by 10 minutes. So tomorrow night’s blog shouldn’t be as hectic or hurried.

But of course I’ll find the other one tomorrow night when I’m no longer looking for it.

Of course.

As I said, today was a day of drying out and patching up. Every year’s canopy is a work of art, and it always needs to be fine-tuned. Which way the wind blows, the sun angles, etc., but the big one is making adjustments after the first big rain.

What’s gonna leak? Where’s it gonna leak? What can I do to stop it leaking there next time? All things that I spent a lot of time going over and working out for the next big one.

Jamie, our Gate Guard Services supervisor/service guy, showed about 6 this morning, getting an early start. He filled up our empty water tank and topped off our diesel, and brought me a spare 50amp breaker in case the one on our generator dies again.

He said he’ll be back Saturday or Sunday to do our two week service, and he’ll probably go ahead and replace the breaker then since he’ll already have the generator shut off for the the oil change. Sounds good to me.

A friend of our landowner came through this afternoon and said a rancher right down the road from here measured 4 1/2 inces in 3 1/2 hours on his rain gauge.

I can believe it.

Oops! Gettin’ low. Gotta go.

No Thought for Today:

It Wasn’t Me, I Swear . . .

So it must have been one of you.

I warned you yesterday about getting what you wish for. And one of you out there decided to ‘help’ and wished for us to have enough rain to settle the dust around here. And we did.

And wishes can be funny, tricky things. Like wishing for immortality, but forgetting to add that you also want to stay eternally young. So you end up just decaying away into a pile of rotting ooze. But you’re still alive.

But then if you wish for eternal youth, you have to remember to specify ‘at the age of 25 years old’, otherwise you spend eternity as a 6 month old.

No, wishes can really backfire on you, and that’s what happened today. When one of you wished for us to have a dust-settling rain, you forgot to say, ‘and then STOP.’

So it didn’t stop, but went on and on, all afternoon, without letting up. Several vehicles went in and out, without even looking over to see if I was crazy enough to be out in this. But I was.

The fact that they didn’t stop really didn’t make any difference because I couldn’t have seen their tags anyway unless I walked out in the road and stood about a foot away.

And the rains came

And this was before it really started coming down , , , in wind-driven sheets. And the spray was wetting down everything that wasn’t already soaked. I would have let down the sides, but that wouldn’t have helped much since most of the water was coming in the front of the canopy, and not the sides.

About 5 it tapered off to a heavy drizzle, and by 6pm when Jan came out it had pretty much stopped. Now to clean up and dry out.

Earlier today (before the rains) I couldn’t procrastinate any longer and finally had buckle down and do something I always hate.

I had to fill out all the paperwork for our new Samsung TV’s extended warranty and get it ready to mail off. I mentioned how I had broken one of my cardinal rules, and bought a 3 year extension, giving me a total of 4 years. And now it was time to pay the price.

In the past, the few times I’ve done this, it’s been a real pain in the rear. There are always several forms to fill out, as well as making a copy of the receipt, writing down the 20 digit serial number off the set, finding an envelope and a stamp, etc.

But this time it was different. Leave it to Wal-Mal to make things fast and easy. And it only took about 15 seconds and I was done.

All I had to do was take a photo of the QR barcode at the bottom of the receipt (the same one I scan for their Savings Catcher a program) and text it to 40303, and I was done. I’m supposed to get a text back within 24 hours as a confirmation.

Really neat.

Supposedly we’ve seen the last of the rains for the next 10 days to 2 weeks, but then again, it was only  a 30% chance today.

So I’m not getting my hopes up.

Thought for the Day:

“And the end and the beginning were always there, before the beginning and after the end. And all is always now.” – T.S. Eliot