Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

Near Peggy\'s Cove, Nova Scotia

The Operation Was a Success,

but the Patient’s Still Dead.

Today’s vehicle count was in the mid-180’s, almost identical to the previous two. But that will probably change in the next couple of days as our last remaining frack job is supposed to finish up.

And we’ve been told that we’ve got another couple of weeks to go with our drill rig here before they started fracking it immediately afterwards. Hopefully it will all work out where we can stay here until we head back to Houston toward the end of November. But you never know.

The operation mentioned above was on Jan’s Kindle Paperwhite. Last night she was starting up a Mahjong game she plays when the screen froze and it locked up. So she put it aside until I could look at it.

Now normally, when the Paperwhite locks up, you hold down the power button for 30 seconds and then it will reboot. But not this time. It stayed stuck on the Mahjong startup screen. A little Googling to me to try holding down the power button for 60 seconds, release it, and then press it again. Well this didn’t work either.

At this point I was supposed to call Amazon Tech Support, and since Jan’s Paperwhite was six weeks out of warranty, they would sell me a refurbished one at a slight ($10) discount off a new one. Bummer!

But another post mentioned taking the Kindle apart and removing the battery for a while, before putting it all back together. Several people said this worked for them. So never able to resist tearing into a piece of hardware, I had at it.

Disassembly instructions are on the Internet and it’s really pretty easy. First you insert a small screwdriver (I used one for eyeglasses) in the corner of the front bezel and carefully pry it up enough to get a spudger inserted. A spudger is a small flat piece of plastic or wood similar to a popsicle stick but thinner.

In this photo, the screwdriver is at the top and the white plastic spudger is at the bottom.

KIndle Repair 1

Then you run the spudger around the edge of the bezel, breaking the glue seal that holds it on. This is very similar to how you break the bead between a tire and the wheel when change a car tire. After carefully peeling off the bezel you have this

KIndle Repair 2

Next up, you remove the 11 screws holding the mainboard in the case. Again, I used a Phillips eyeglass screwdriver. After gently prying out the board, you are here.

Kindle Repair 3

When you turn the board over, you find the big blue battery held in by another 3 screws.

Kindle Repair 4

Removing those screws gets you here.

Kindle Repair 5

I left the battery out for about 30 minutes, and then put it all back together in the reverse order.

But when I tried the reset procedure again, it was still frozen with the Mahjong startup screen. Bummer again!

Well, I’ve still got several more things to try before I give up. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Thought for the Day:

From all the news reports it seems like one of the primary symptoms of Ebola is an irresistible urge to travel.


Good Stuff . . .

Our vehicle count seems to have settled down for now, with today’s count of 181 pretty much the same as yesterdays. We’ve been told that our last remaining frack still has a few more days to go. But we’ll see. Everything always seems to take longer than planned out here in the oil patch.

For the first time since we’ve been at this gate I heard coyotes (the 4 legged furry kind) about 5am this morning. I used to hear them every morning at last year’s gate. They sounded like they were right across the road, and probably were. But I never saw one.

We talked to our son Chris today about his bike trip out west. He and his fireman buddies went all the way out to Monument Valley in Utah. His best description of the trip was “Cold”. Cold on the bike, cold in the tent.

Chris on Bike Trip

Chris on Bike Trip2

Chris on Bike Trip3

I finally remembered to ask one of the computer support guys for the password to the rig’s Wi-Fi network. My Verizon data signal here is sometimes iffy, so hopefully this will help.

For dinner tonight we had more delicious food from Ama’s catering. Frack Food, as we call it. This time it was really good Beef and Cheese Enchilada’s with Rice and Beans. And one more thing that made it even better.

This past spring when we were orbiting back and forth between the Lake Conroe Thousand Trails and the Colorado River Thousand Trails, we met up with Greg and Lynette McHenry. And somewhere along the line Greg McHenry gave us a jar of his homemade hot sauce. Well, as can happen, the jar was put in the refrigerator and slowly worked its way to the back, while we were dealing with all of Jan’s breast cancer stuff.

But recently Jan was trying to clear room in the frig for all the Ama’s we’re getting and came across the jar of hot sauce. So we’ve been using on all the Mexican dishes we’ve been getting, including tonight’s enchiladas, as well as the fajitas a couple of nights ago.

And this is some Good Stuff. Really good, as in ‘Greg should bottle and sell this stuff’ good. We’re really sorry we didn’t find this earlier. Of course we would have already run out by now.

So, never mind.


Thought for the Day:

Never underestimate the power of ignorant people in large groups.