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1,000 Foot Ore Freighter, Soo Locks, MI

Near Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia

Colorful Truck Sales, Weed, CA

Hollywood Sign

Mackinac Bridge, MI

Pelicans, Grays Harbor, WA

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

The Egg and I Who?

After a nice quiet morning of hot coffee and whipped cream (Saturdays and Tuesdays are whipped cream in our coffee days. And of course, Karma has to have her share too. The whipped cream, not the coffee.), we headed out about 1pm to have brunch, this time at Snooze AM, a new Webster breakfast/lunch place in Webster,  and actually just a couple of blocks away from The Egg & I, our usual weekend breakfast place.

I texted Miss Piper to see if she could meet us, but she was spending the weekend in Houston with friends.

The last time we ate here was right after Jan’s first cataract surgery when she was still a little woozy from the drugs.

She got their Smash Avocado Benny, their version of Eggs Benedict, and was not a happy camper. She said the English muffin was soggy and she just didn’t like the taste. But when I pointed out that they had another version of an avocado-themed dish, their BRAVOcado Toast, she decided to give it another try.

Snooze Bravocado Toast

And it was perfect for her, down to the Dressed Greens she gets with The Egg and version, But she says this dish is actually better. And more importantly, at least to me, is that it’s cheaper.

So Jan now says “The Egg & I Who?”

I got my usual Shrimp & Grits, which I think is the only thing I’ve gotten every time we’ve eaten here.

Snooze Shrimp and Grits and Fruit

With the sautéed shrimp, Andouille sausage, peppers and leeks, topped with an sunny side up egg, it’s pretty much my favorite non-eggs, bacon, English muffin, fruit breakfast.

Then afterwards, it was on over to WalMart  and Sam’s Club for a few things before heading home.

I didn’t plan on looking at our rig’s leaking oil filter problem this weekend because, although the temps were OK,  we were looking a 90% chance of rain. Except that it didn’t.

But there’s always tomorrow, so we’ll see.

I missed it by a week, but this past February 9th was the 11th anniversary of the beginning of our RV travels. After buying our 1999 American Eagle on December 27th, 2007. And after prepping and new tires, we picked it up from the dealer on January 7th, 2008, and then headed to Alaska on the 9th.

Well, we headed there by way of Las Cruces, Casa Grande, Yuma, Gila Bend, Chula Vista, Temecula, Long Beach, Barstow, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, Casper, Billings, Garrison, Cle Elum, Cache Creek, Prince George, Dawson Creek, Fort Nelson, Watson Lake, Whitehorse, Haines Junction, and Tok, finally ending up in Fairbanks on April 26th.

And found this.

AK Snow

And it’s been a wild ride ever since. And it’s not over yet, though we’ve slowed down a bit.

Thought for the Day:

“People ask me to predict the future, when all I want to do is prevent it”. – Ray Bradbury



It’s Like Y2K All Over Again . . .

After talking it over with our mailing company this morning, they were able to push us up a little in the queue so that our mail-out ad cards should be hitting the addresses the week of Feb. 25th, just in time for the beginning of the March sale.

I mentioned a few weeks back about a disappearing package. My client bought an $700 machine on eBay that was shipped and then was out for delivery here in Houston by the Post Office on December 28th. And then . . . POOF!

It just disappeared. Finally after 30 days missing, the PO said the sender should apply to collect the insurance. So I contacted the seller through eBay, (the only way you can contact an eBay seller. You never get an email address) But after resending me the PO tracking info, he took a powder and I never heard from him again.

So I entered a complaint with eBay who said they’d contact the seller and get him to contact me. But that if he didn’t by the 12th of February, to contact them again and they’d get involved.

So when I still didn’t hear anything by then, I contacted eBay on the 13th and the $727.49 was back in our PayPal account on the 14th. Nice work.

I suspect that the seller cheaped out and didn’t buy the insurance on the unit, and then got stuck. But at least we were covered with their purchase guarantee.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

It’s Like Y2K All Over Again.

Come April 6th, 2019, be careful where you drive. Or at least be careful where your  GPS tells you to drive. Turns out that in a retro-Y2K twist, the date stamp in the GPS will reset, and it suddenly won’t know where it, and you, are. This is because they only programmed a 10bit register to store the week, So every 1024 weeks, or about 20 years, the date rolls back to zero.

This of course, is reminiscent of the whole Y2K fiasco where to save memory space (back in the days when it was really expensive) they stored the year as two digits, i.e., 1980 was ‘80’, 1999 was’99, and of course, 2000 was ‘00’.


Newer GPS implementations use a 13bit storage area, which should last until the sun goes red giant and engulfs the planet. Hopefully that’ll be long enough.

You can read more about it here:

GPS Date Problem

Now, units produced since 2010 or so, should be using the new ICD-200/IS-GPS-200 specifications, and should be OK. I say ‘should’, because apparently some manufacturers have been somewhat lax in updating their software.

Saves a few bucks, don’t you know. So be careful out there.

Thought for the Day: 

“There is more than one way to burn a book. And the world is full of people running about with lit matches.” – Ray Bradbury


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