1,000 Foot Ore Freighter, Soo Locks, MI

1,000 Foot Ore Freighter, Soo Locks, MI

Near Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia

Near Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia

Colorful Truck Sales, Weed, CA

Colorful Truck Sales, Weed, CA

Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign

Mackinac Bridge, MI

Mackinac Bridge, MI

Pelicans, Grays Harbor, WA

Pelicans, Grays Harbor, WA

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

Do The Time Warp Again . . .

First off, thanks for the many emails and comments covering what Jan and I are doing as far as WuFlu avoidance, as well as possible Ivermectin dosages if needed.

One thing to note is for people who might be squeamish about using the ‘horsey’ version of Ivermectin, there are doctors online that will prescribe the human version of the Ivermectin pills that can be taken either Prophylactically or Symptomatically. You can try here.  Pushhealth.

The only problem maybe finding a pharmacy that will actually fill the prescription, because some larger chain pharmacy’s won’t. But there are places  online that will fill them. And we have several close friends and relatives that are taking the pills that way.

Check it out.

About 10:30 Jan and I headed north to meet up with Debi and Ed Hurlburt at the Golden Corral up in Conroe, our first time back at a GC since we moved down here in October 2017. And it was just as good as we remembered.

Great Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Veggies, and of course, the fantastic desserts. Jan was only disappointed that it was not yet pumpkin pie season at GC.

Ed and Debi recently recovered from a bout with CoVid a few weeks after getting their first vaccine shot, and a few days before their second one was scheduled.

They both received the Regeneron  Monoclonal Antibodies treatment and they said it really seemed to help.

We had a great time seeing Debi and Ed again, and it’s good to see that they’re pretty much recovered.

Coming home about 2:30 we make a detour over to the Trader Joe’s in the Montrose area so Jan could pick up some stuff that Jan had seen on YouTube.

Haven’t never been there, I just put the address into the GPS and off we went. So we were very surprised when we got close and saw this.

Alabama Theater Sign

Turns out that the Trader Joe’s is living in the old Alabama theater, a place we haven’t been to since the early 80’s.

Built in 1939 in the Art Deco style it was the nicest theater in Texas for a while, but like many downtown movie houses it had started to go downhill. And by the early 80’s its claim to fame was hosting the Friday and Saturday Midnight Showings of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

We took the kids (Chris was about 13 and Brandi was about 8) up there to on of the shows several times. Pretty much at the end of its lifetime, it had the pretty seedy atmosphere for the show.

In fact a couple of years later, the theater closed and it became a book store. Until 2013 when it became a Trader Joe’s.

Alabama Theater

It was nice to see that they retained a lot of the beautiful Art Deco style touches.

Very nice!

Thought For The Day:

Most companies are only an MBA or two from complete incompetence.

Duramectin and Dosages . . .

Tomorrow Jan and I are driving up to Conroe to meet up with Debi and Ed Hurlburt at the Golden Corral there. Really looking forward to seeing them again.

I’ve gotten a number of comments and emails over the last week asking for more info and clarifications on what Jan and I are taking.

Quercetin            500Mg  1/day

EZ Melt Zinc          30mg  1/day

D3                        5000IU  1/day

Lysine                1000mg  2/day

This is what each of us is taking each day.

And in those couple of times when we been somewhat exposed to someone who was diagnosed with CoVid, we’ve doubled up on all 4 for a couple of weeks.

So far, so good, with nary a sniffle.

Now as far as the Ivermectin ‘Horse Paste’ goes:

There are two basic types:


Ivermectin 2

and Non-Flavored


Except for the flavoring, they’re both exactly the same.

Now there is another equine anti-parasitical paste called Pyrantel.



There are a couple of other brands, like Bimectin or Promectin, and they’re OK too. Just be sure the label says “Ivermectin” and nothing else. Then you’re good to go.

Now, as far as dosages, there’s two different schools of thought – Prophylactically or Symptomatically.

With the Prophylactic method, you take a small amount every day to prevent you getting CoVid. Using the paste, most seem to take a pea-sized blob a couple of times a day.

With the Symptomatic method, you start taking the Ivermectin at the first sign of CoVid symptoms, i.e. cough, fever, headache, running nose, etc.

The ‘horse paste’ Ivermectin comes in a large syringe-like applicator. It is marked in 250 lb (for your horse) increments, but subdivided into 50lb increments with small lines. Everything I’ve seen, including from people who have used it successfully, say to just use the same ratio for humans, i.e. 3 lines for a 150lb person, etc.

People say they took a dose in the morning and one in the evening. And that was all they needed to start feeling a lot better.

Others said they also did two doses the second day top. Just in case.

Your mileage may vary.

And as I mentioned before, Jan and I have stocked up on both the flavored and non-flavored version, both for possible CoVid use, and also for Jan’s Rosacea.

On another note, I got an email a couple of days ago from DakotaPost, our mailbox company in South Dakota. Seems like that for the 2nd time they’ve had to shut down their office since more of their ‘Fully-Vaccinated’ staff have come down with the WuFlu.

Strange. I wonder how that happened.

Thought For The Day:

It would be nice if friends were like money, so you could hold them up to the light to see which ones are real and which ones are fake.


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