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Plan B Is In Effect . . .

Plan B, as in Plan Brandi.

Another short blog to catch up some.

After two pretty miserable nights without power, I went back to trying to find some place for us to stay. And as before they all either didn’t have power or they were booked full up.

But having a momentary flash of genius, (note the ‘momentary’) I decided to check out the Conroe area. We’re getting together with our friends Debi and Ed on Thursday so I thought we just spend tonight and Wednesday up there and then just meet them for lunch and then head back down to Santa Fe.

But it seems a lot of other folks had the same ‘flash’ and nothing was available for tonight there either. But there were rooms available for Wednesday night, so I booked one.

Next step was to do something with Karma since the hotel didn’t allow pets, so I called our regular Karma-sitter Jennifer who said no problem. So we dropped her and all her paraphernalia off at her place and then had dinner at Los Ramirez, resigning ourselves to another hot, sweaty night. And not in a fun way.

But then a little after we got home, Brandi called with good news. They had power!. And Internet!

So calling an audible, I put Plan B into effect, and 30 minutes later, after canceling our Booking.com reservation, we were on our way, arriving about 9pm.

And the first thing Jan did was to head to a hot shower, planning she said, to wash her hair for a solid hour. Hope she leaves me some hot water.

Don’t know what kind of trees these are, but they have a real shallow root system, because there are a lot of them around here pulled up out of the ground like this.

Luckily this one just missed their house.

Hopefully I’ll have a full blog tomorrow.

And to answer Leroy, “Yes, we will rebuild.”







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