Daily Archives: August 15, 2009

Hawaiian Shirts and a Roast Pig…

After doing some research on the Internet, I decided to try and track down a fuel filter for our rig.

St. Johnsburg, VT is a small town, but I was surprised to find that a local auto parts store  had on in stock.  So I got the filter, and a strap wrench and drain pan to help change the filter.

Tomorrow I will get under the coach and see what it’s going to take to get the filter changed.  After that I will take the coach on a test trip down the road, and fill up with diesel while out.

I have to do a test drive because the problem only shows up under heavy load, like hill climbing.

I didn’t try to change it today because it’s Hawaiian Day here at the park and they had a pig roast and potluck this afternoon.

And the pig and potluck were delicious.

So tomorrow, we’ll see how it goes.

Just a note, we don’t have cell service here in at this park.  We have it at the top of the hill and down the road in town, but not here down at the bottom of the hill.