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TruMoo and Brulee too . . .

After our coffee and toasted English muffins this morning, and the promised rain still hadn’t materialized, I decided to try out my Karcher pressure washer that I finally unboxed and assembled last night.

But since I only had about an hour before we were going to head into Katy, I decided to just try it on the truck. So I added some of the wash/wax concentrate to the tank, topped it off with water and got to work.

About this time Nick came over to check it out too. It turned out to go pretty quickly, as I just had to wet the truck down one area at a time, Then I switched to the detergent setting and covered that area with the solution.

I found at that point I needed to use the scrub sponge included with the pressure washer to get the heavy dirt off and then it was just a matter of rinsing it off and letting it dry. I was surprised to see how clean and shiny the truck was after I was finished.

Later, checking the manual I discovered that they have a rotating brush attachment available for less than $20 from Amazon, so I’ll probably order one soon.

Karcher Rotating Brush

Nick like it too, and said he thinks he knows what Miss Terry is getting for Valentine’s Day.

A little later, about 1:45 we all headed into Houston. Our first stop was in the Eldridge Parkway area so that Miss Terry could check out a lady’s yarn shop. Then, leaving her there, we drove a couple of miles away to the closest Home Depot, where I was looking for a couple of things. First was what I’ve always called Telephone splices.

Telephone Splices

And although they’re not called that on Amazon, they do come up when you search for ‘telephone splices’, so I guess someone else calls them that too.

They’re used to splice 2 or 3 wires small wires together, wires much smaller than the normal crimp splices can handle. They’re easy to use, just insert the wires into the ports and squeeze with a pair of pliers. The inside is filled with a gel that makes them waterproof too.

After finding the splices, I went looking for the 1/4” right angle connecter for my air compressor, and found it after a few minutes. Well, actually I found the empty plastic bag hanging on the peg. And it was the only one they had. So there’s always another Home Depot.

When I got back out to the truck a few minutes later, Jan had noticed a Dunkin’ Donuts across the parking lot, so we made a stop for munchkins (donut holes) for Jan, coffee for me, and TruMoo for Nick. About 4:30 we picked up Terry and made the 20 minutes drive back toward Brandi’s, deciding to just all meet at Little V’s Vietnamese Bistro for dinner.

You’re always nervous when you take friends to one of your favorite places, a place that you’ve regularly raved about, but lucky for us, Little V’s and Tuygen, the owner, did not disappoint.

Tuygen made up some special dishes for Nick due to his food allergies, and Terry had one of the shrimp dishes. Brandi and I both had the Shaking Beef Vermicelli, while Jan had her usual Grilled Chicken Vermicelli.

Lowell, however, tried something completely different with the Roasted Duck Vermicelli.

Landon and I sat together, and in between his bites of corndog and my Shaking Beef, we helped each other make it through the harder levels of Angry Birds – Star Wars on my Galaxy Tab. It’s amazing how good he is at this, showing me some tricks that I didn’t know, but lucky for me, his PaPa was able to show him a few things too.

We all finished off our meal with their Crème Brulee spoons, just perfect to end a great meal.

Little V's Creme Brulee

And I guess we did good, because both Nick and Terry said they could eat here tomorrow night too. After a stopover at Brandi and Lowell’s for a while, we headed home.

Tomorrow looks to be a rainy stay-at-home day for all concerned. Nice.


Thought for the Day:

“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” – Mark Twain


Under Pressure . . .

Jan set out some croissants last night to thaw and rise for this morning. So about 11 we headed next door to Nick and Terry’s rig with warm Williams-Sonoma Chocolate Croissants and hot coffee, and spent the next couple of hours catching up on things, along with a lot of laughing.

Later in the afternoon, I finally unboxed and assembled my new Karcher Pressure Washer that I bought myself right before Christmas.

Karcher Pressure Washer2

I really like the one Charles Yust has, and decided that I needed one too. Wal-Mart had this one on sale right before Christmas for $89.95, marked down from $129.95, a real deal.

It has a tank that can hold detergent or car wax, so I might try it with vinegar to get more of the drilling mud off the rig roof. I also want to see how it will work on my the rig’s wheels. So depending on what the weather does tomorrow morning, I may give it a try on the rig or toad. It’s supposed to rain some tomorrow, so we’ll see how it goes.

About 4:15 we all headed down to Peter’s BBQ to check out their Friday Night BBQ Buffet. Although Nick and Terry had eaten there before, this was their first time for the buffet. As usual it was delicious. I mean, how can all the BBQ, sides, and desserts you can eat, be anything but?

There were also a number of other RV’ers there that we chatted with for a few minutes. We had invited our friend Randy to go with us, but he was already getting together with his family.

Tomorrow we’re all going into the Houston area so Terry can visit a weaving store, then we’re going to stop off at Brandi’s before we all have dinner at Little V’s Vietnamese Bistro.


Thought for the Day:

The longer I live the less I care about what everyone else thinks.


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