But The Patient Died . . .

With temps in the 50’s, and a lot of sun, it was perfect for a walk this morning.
But I had to map up a new 1 mile trek for us since we’re parked closer to the river this time, and not up on the ‘A’ Loop where our previous route was located.

So I ended up with us doing a double loop around the ‘C’ and ‘D’ roads.

C Loop Walking Route1_thumb[1]

During our walk we did check out the Colorado River for the first time since the recent flooding. There was more water there than we’ve seen in the past, but not a lot really.

Colorado River Riverfront_thumb[1]

We did see the riverbank cave-in, another flooding leftover. They’ve got it roped off, but it doesn’t look like they plan to do anything about it.

Colorado River Riverfront Cave In_thumb[1]

Along the way we ran into Janice Evans, Debi Hurlburt, and I think, Claudia Horak and Lynette Starwalt in the back seat. They were on a girl’s day out and were coming back for a left-behind cellphone.

Getting back to the rig, we sat out in the sun with our coffee and breakfast bread, enjoying the sunshine and the nice views.

Back inside, Jan read and I worked on several projects before getting back to my cellphone repair.

Well, the operation was a success, but . . .

I worked a little longer on my son Chris’ Galaxy S5 cellphone, to remove and replace the cracked front glass.

The actual removal process went fairly smoothly, just time-consuming.

Chris Cellphone Repair 3_thumb

Getting to this point by using a hair dryer, it took a couple of hours of slowly and carefully prying off the glass. At this point, I put the battery back in, turned the unit on, and it still worked.

But things went quickly downhill after that.  When I completely separated the glass from the LED/digitizer board underneath, I discovered that the thing I had been trying to avoid, cracking the LED, had been pre-done for me. The board was already cracked along a crack in the glass itself, but it was still working because glass glued on top was holding it all together. But as soon as I removed the glass, the LED screen came apart and just up and died.


So now we’ll have to go the more expensive route and replace the $125 glass/screen combo rather than the $10 glass that I already bought. I guess I can save it in case I break my glass, but I have an Otterbox on mine which makes it a lot harder to break.

Later in the afternoon, our ex-next door neighbor’s Bonnie and Vance Clegg stopped by to say “Hi”.

They were parked next to us when we were here at Colorado River a couple of weeks ago, and are still in the same space up in the ‘A’ loop. But somebody was already in our A2 space, so we had to park down here this time.

Thought for the Day:

‘God doesn’t play dice with the universe” – Albert Einstein

“God does not play dice. He plays hide and seek.” –  Woody Allen



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