Extra Fluffy . . .

First off, another Happy Birthday to my Sweetie Jan. She said to thank everyone for all the kind greetings and wishes. She really appreciates it.

On our way to and from the gate every day we pass a large Valero/Stripes convenience store / truck stop / gas station. In fact it’s the one that we stopped at to top off the diesel in the rig on our way into town last Wednesday.

So Jan thought we might stop off on our way home this morning and pick up a couple of tacos for breakfast and lunch today. But getting there was a problem. In fact, getting anywhere was a problem this morning.

You’ve heard of Pea Soup fog? Well this was more like Mashed Potatoes fog, and it was hard to see more than about 20 feet in front of you. I had a lot of trouble just finding the turn-ins to the place.

But getting inside we were amazed at how busy the place was, with a 24 hour taco bar called Laredo Taco Company. They have 12 different Breakfast Tacos, and about 30 different lunch selections, including tacos, burritos, and plates.

Every thing is made fresh every day, and your tacos, etc,, are made to order. This 5 to 6am timeframe is when all the oil workers are either going to work, or getting off from work. And apparently they all stop here.

We each got a breakfast taco to eat there, and then a Beef Fajita Taco for lunch later this afternoon. Both were really good, and we’ll go back for sure.

After creeping through the fog, we were back at the rig a little after 7, and in bed a few minutes after that.

Later in the afternoon I talked with Nancy, the lady that owns the RV Park to double-check her business address. She had said we could have packages and mail sent there with no problem, and we can either pick it up there or she will bring it with her when she comes by. Very nice of her.

I mentioned last night that I had been watching old TV shows on MeTV and Cozi TV, both over the air channels in this area. And one specific show was a Perry Mason from 1959.

In B&W, the episode, “The Case of the Bartered Bikini”, concerned the fashion industry and problems with competitors stealing designs, specifically, swim suit designs.

And of course this necessitated several scenes with models walking around showing off the suits. And one thing quickly became very obvious.

Based on today’s standards, these fashion models were fat, overweight, chunky, or extra fluffy, as Jan and I like to say. They would probably be laughed off the catwalk today. And this wasn’t just bad casting.

Terry Huntington, the falsely accused model/heroine of the story, was Miss California USA 1959 before going on to win Miss USA 1959 the same year as the show. So she was probably everyone’s vision of beauty at the time.

And I noticed this same thing a few years ago when I ran across a showing of Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello’s 1963 ‘Beach Party’ movie on satellite. The first of seven films, it was filled with hot surfer chicks parading around in skimpy (for the time) bathing suits.

And once again, they were all . . . fluffy. Let’s go with fluffy.

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But apparently the beholder’s standards can change.

Finishing up, I don’t know what it is about gate guarding and sunsets, but we’ve seen some really spectacular ones over the years. And this evening was no exception.

Salge Gate Sunset

Jan called to alert me to this one since the way my shack is positioned I can’t normally see it.

I told her I had ordered it special to cap off her birthday.

I don’t think she bought it.

Thought for the Day:

“Everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them.” –  P. J. O’Rourke


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