It Works!

After I got especially caffeinated this morning, I got up on the stepstool and changed out my old AC control box for the new one. Only took about 10 minutes, and that included crimping on a new spade connector on one of the thermostat wires.

Then before I mounted it back up inside the AC unit, I plugged it back in the bedroom, lowered the thermostat setting to 70° (it was 72 in the coach), I switch the thermostat to Cool . . . and waited.

And nothing.

For about two minutes, and then it started up and ran fine until it shut off. Apparently this unit has a longer compressor lockout timer than the old box. This keeps the compressor from restarting too quickly after it stops, like if the power glitches, for example, which is bad for the compressor.

This part done, I decided to bask in the glory of a job well-done, and goof off (and drink more coffee) until later.

About 1 Jan and I drove down to the WalMart in La Marque to see if the had any of the Sterlite File Boxes that we’re using to organize things in our storeroom and storage shed. They had two yesterday at the WM up in Webster, but the lids were missing.

And luckily, I found 4 in stock, and with lids. So grabbing them up, I went to check out, and found a line with a lady with a half full basket already checking out, and a couple with about 10 things in theirs.

OK, a fairly quick checkout.

But what I hadn’t anticipated was that she was apparently checking out for about 17 different people. Or at least it seemed that way.

She would put two or three items on the conveyor, wait for them to be rung up, then she would open her purse and start counting out change. Or sometimes sorting through a stack of credit cards until she found the right one.

Then she would put her reading glasses on and carefully peruse the receipt for a bit.

Somewhere in here, the young lady in front of me, turned back, and as I just shook my head woefully, she rolled her eyes.

Finally after about 15 minutes, she was finished and on her way. Now I realize she may have been buying for a bunch of people at a senior citizen center, but WalMart never seems to have enough lanes open anyway.

So maybe they show have separate lanes for 5 orders or more, as well as 15 items or less.

Just sayin’

Then it was on up I-45 to have lunch at Los Ramirez Mexican, one of our favorite local places. The place really busy, a lot busier than previous Sunday afternoons. Just as good as always.

Finally before heading home, we made a HEB stops for a few specific things that WalMart didn’t have yesterday

Getting home a little before 4pm, it seemed time for a nice nap. And it was.

After I was up, I finished the install of the AC control box, mounting it back up inside the AC unit,

New AC Control Box Installed

and then got all the covers back on and buttoned up. Finally I turned it on and let if run for a while bringing the temp down to about 70 with no problems.

It works!

Running The Numbers:

As far as catching CoVid

There are 30,485,146 cases as of today in the U.S
Divided by the 330,000,000 people in the U.S gives you .168% of catching it,

or a 99.8% of NOT catching the CoVid virus.

As far as surviving CoVid if you do catch it,
there have been 554,899 deaths as of today, out of 30,485,146 cases.
This gives you a 1.82% chance of dying from CoVid IF you catch it.

Or a 98.18% chance of surviving it IF you catch it.

And as far as worldwide,

There have been 2,727,286 deaths around the world from 123,844,154 cases.
This gives you a 2.20 % chance of dying from CoVid worldwide.

Or a 97.8% of surviving CoVid IF you catch it.

I attribute this to the fact many parts of the world don’t have as good medical treatment as we do.

Don’t believe me. You can check it out yourself at:

Thought For The Day:

Just ignore reality. There’s nothing you can do about it anyway.



2 Responses to It Works!

  1. Doug says:

    Doing the math on 30 million + cases and 330 million + people comes out to 9.24%, not 0.168%.

    • Greg White says:


      You’re right.

      For some reason, I divided the 330,000,000 by the 554,899 deaths, and not the 30 million or so cases.

      I should have noticed.

      Thanks for noticing the error.


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