Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa . . .

In yesterday’s blog, under the heading of Running The Numbers:,

blog reader Doug corrected my mistake in one of the math calculations. And it was so obvious I should have caught it myself. So I appreciate him bring it to my attention. It was here.

As far as catching CoVid

There are 30,485,146 cases as of today in the U.S
Divided by the 330,000,000 people in the U.S gives you .168% of catching it,

or a 99.8% of NOT catching the CoVid virus.

While I stated problem correctly, 30,485,146 cases divided by 330,000,000 people in the US, what came out of my calculator 554,899 (the number of US deaths) divided by 330,000,000.

Just looking at it, I should have seen that the answer should have been closer to 10% than .168%.

And in fact the correct answer is 9.24% chance of catching the CoVid virus, or a little over 90% chance of NOT catching it.

The other figure, giving you a 98.18% chance of NOT dying if you were to catch it, is correct. And as I said months ago, to me the important thing in all this is whether you die or not.

Or at least it is to me.

Tomorrow we’re going to work on some projects around the rig, and then take some more stuff over to the storeroom. And then probably Snooze for breakfast/lunch later in the afternoon.

I’ve also got to drop off an Amazon return at the UPS store there in Webster. Don’t have to pack it or wrap it. Just hand them the damaged box, show them the QR code Amazon sent me, and I’m done.


Thought For The Day:

I think they’re wearing them wrong.

Mask Butts

2 Responses to Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa . . .

  1. Lloyd says:

    You can also do an Amazon return at Kohl’s the same as UPS.

    • Greg White says:


      I’ve done that before, but for some reason, Amazon did not offer me the option of using Kohl’s, just a bunch of nearby UPS stores. Don’t know why.

      Thanks for reading our blog. We appreciate the comment.


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