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Not Much Blog Today . . .

I didn’t get last night’s blog posted until this morning due to computer problems with my desktop unit. My Windows Live Mail won’t open, and neither will Chrome. But the old Internet Explorer works.

I spent most of today at work trying to get a new ad card ready for our mailing company to send out. When I left for Alabama last Thursday they had decided not to do a March sale. But they changed their minds while I was gone, so for the last few days I’ve been scrambling to get the card ready to go for the March sale.

Right now here’s how it looks. But I’ve still got some more tweeting to do.

March 2020 Ad Card

Of course it doesn’t help that the products they want to sell, and the prices they want to charge keep changing.

Hopefully I can finished it up and get it submitted tomorrow.

Thought For The Day:

Overwhelmingly superior firepower and the willingness to use it is the only proven peace solution.



Updates and More . . .

On the COVID-19 front, experts have no clue why no one under the age of 15 have been infected. Shades of The Andromeda Strain.

They’re still counting, and recounting, and re-recounting in Iowa. And they’re running even more scared in the Nevada Caucus. A quote, ‘a total meltdown expected’.

For our recent road trip back to Alabama, I used trivago (yes, it’s supposed to be lowercase) to book the four hotels that we stayed in. My requirements were, as cheap as possible (of course), good ratings, and nice-looking photos. And I also wanted name-brand places, not independents.

On our way up to Alabama we stayed at a very nice La Quinta in Slidell for only $50 a night. Comfortable queen-size bed, nice hot shower, and really good free breakfast. Even the free Wi-Fi was decent.

Slidell La Quinta

We’ve stayed at La Quinta a couple of times before, most recently with our rig’s Air Compressor problems in Luling this past November, and we’ve always been very happy.

Next up was a three night stay in Montgomery, this time at a long-term residence hotel, an Extended Stay America. And except for some initial fumbles with the keycards, it was also a very nice room, with a queen-sized bed and a computer/dining table. Though we didn’t’ use it, we also had a 4 burner stove, a microwave which we did use, as well as an apartment-sized fridge.

Extended Stay Room 1

The only downsides were a spotty Wi-Fi signal and a ‘Coffee Bar’ free breakfast.

Extended Stay Coffee Bar

But that just gave us a good excuse to have breakfast at the Golden Corral right down the street.

While we were in Athens, our final destination, we had a six night stay at the local Day’s Inn.

Day's Inn Athens Room

This time we got a comfortable king-sized bed, a nice computer table, a good hot shower, and big fluffy towels.

And the breakfast was very nice too.

Coming back home on Saturday, I had planned to stay once again at the same La Quinta. But when I went to book it I found that their weekend rates jumped $30 a night to $84.

So I found a very nice Super 8 right down the road for only $50 a night.

Super 8 Slidell Room

Again a king-sized bed, a large computer table, and a good breakfast.

I did notice that all the cheapest rates I found on trivago were through Expedia. Which made sense when I discovered that trivago, a German corporation, is majority-owned by Expedia.

All in all, a very nice, and cheap, trip.

Thought For The Day:

Politics is the continuation of war by other means. – Clausewitz


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