There are some really dangerous emails floating around. Here are the From: and Subject: lines.

Amazon Voucher       Amazon Survey Rewards

Walmart Voucher       Walmart Reward

They can be opened safely. but do not open the link to ‘claim’ your reward. Just delete them and then permanently delete them by emptying or deleting your Trash.

Stay Away!

After a 1 mile walk and our morning coffee, I spent most of the afternoon working on the on-going truck cleansing, as well as starting to go through a couple of the rig bays with the same intention.

Then about 2 PM  I drove up to Clear Lake to check in on a client to be sure we were all set for my visit tomorrow night to work on a problem with their Point of Sale system.

Getting back home, we headed out about 5 PM  to meet our friends, Maria and Connie, for dinner at the Kelley’s Country Cooking in Alvin.

Kelley's Trash

Above is a follow up photo illustrating why I wish restaurants still had ashtrays. And, no, this is not all mine, just for 4 people.

Leaving the restaurant about 7 we all headed over to the Alvin Opry for the evening, and finally getting home about 10:30,  after a very nice day.

Since we got home so late, this is all the blog you get.

Thought for the Day:

“Hell is other people” – Jean-Paul Sartre


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