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On The eighteenth of April,

in Seventy-five;
Hardly a man is still alive
Who remembers that famous day and year.

Work today was another dip into the repair pool again with a dead machine. In this case it was completely dead. It didn’t even turn on.

Clareblend MiniBlend_thumb[2]

In many cases dead units like this are often easier to repair than something intermittent, or just not working right. So the first thing you check is for a blown fuse. In this case the fuse is contained within the AC power cord receptacle.

AC Panel Mount Power Cord Receptacle_thumb[2]

Normally there is a fuse and a spare one inside the little door on the receptacle, but on this one there are two fuses, one in the hot leg and one in the neutral leg. Usually there is just one fuse in the hot leg.

But since this unit is wired to also work on 220vac, controlled by a small switch on the rear panel, it has to be wired with a fuse in both legs. And in this case, both 1 amp fuses were blown. Not a good sign.

But that was where is all stopped because we didn’t have any spare fuses. So I’ll pick some up tomorrow and we’ll give it a try again Friday.

Some follow up on our trip up to Baytown yesterday. The client has a really nice area along the side of a lake.

Ralph Oler's Lake 1_thumb[1]

Ralph Oler's Lake 2_thumb[1]

And even a nice pond.

Ralph Oler's Pool_thumb[1]

But the pièce de résistance is his garage.

Ralph Oler's Garage_thumb[1]

And this is not even all of it. I couldn’t get far enough back. On the right is his Monaco Dynasty RV, and on the left is a big Harley and an large ATV. And the whole place is covered in antiques, curios, and memorabilia.

Really neat!

We had several comments about our trip over the Fred Hartman Bridge yesterday, with questions about the old Baytown Tunnel it replaced. The Tunnel opened in 1953 and had already exceeded its designed traffic capacity by the 1970’s. So it was ripe for replacement.

But it was another 25 years, 1995, before the new bridge opened. And just in time too, since the Houston Ship Channel needed to be made wider and deeper. But the deeper part was a problem because the tunnel was in the way.

Baytown Tunnel_thumb[1]

So in1997 they started digging it up, finishing in late1997.

Wrapping up, so I didn’t get a single comment about this in yesterday’s blog?

And besides Wayne, the film also starred Jim Hutton and my former next-door neighbor, Katherine Ross.

Thought for the Day: 

So did they buy a bigger rig?
Or is someone just bad at math?

5th Wheel Too Big_thumb[1]


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