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A Slow Day, So A Revisit To Coral Castle . . .

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Unrequited Love and Turkey & Dressing     May 14, 2009

As I said before, we’re parked at an RV community in Homestead (actually Florida City) FL called Goldcoaster RV Resort with over 400 sites, with most of them having mobile homes on the lots, but they have a lot of sites for rent.

Parked at Goldcoaster RV

Parked at Goldcoaster RV


One of the plants we’ve seen around here is a tree with large bunches of bright orange red flowers.

Royal Poinciana

Royal Poinciana

Royal Poinciana Flowers

Royal Poinciana Flowers

We were first told it was a Royal Poinsettia tree, but finally found it was a Royal Poinciana tree. These trees really stand out.

After lunch at Cracker Barrel (Thursday is Turkey & Dressing Day which is a favorite of Jan’s) we headed a few miles north to the Coral Castle.

The history behind the Coral Castle is one of unrequited love.  Edward Leedskalnin was jilted by his 16 year old fiancé the day before his wedding in Latvia.

Immigrating to American in the early 1920’s, he supposedly built the Coral Castle (then called Rock Gate) in tribute to his “Sweet Sixteen”.

The place was featured on ‘In Search of…” and “That’s Incredible” and there is some controversy how this one man, working only at night, was able to move stones as heavy as 30 tons by himself.

If you want more info, click here for a pretty good article.

Here are some pics.

Coral Castle 1

Coral Castle 2

My Sweet Sixteen, although I didn’t meet her until she was 19.


Coral Castle 3


Coral Castle 4


Coral Castle 5


Coral Castle 6


Tomorrow I’ll take care of the dryer repair, which hopefully will only take a couple of hours. But then we’ll see.

This just in . . .

Mullets and Man Buns

The latest book in Nick Russell’s John Lee Quarrels series, Mullets and Man Buns, went live on Amazon Kindle today, so get your copy before they run out of electrons

Thought for the Day:

Sometimes even the little devil sitting on my shoulder asks, “What The Hell Are You Doing?” 



It’s Drying Time Again . . .

With nothing much else going on this morning, I put in some time on my latest RV project. For the curious, I should have it far enough along to give ya’ll a peek tomorrow or Thursday.

And of course, I’m already planning,  and ordering some parts, for my next project. Stay tuned.

Jan and I headed up to the Clear Lake area for dinner, but our first stop was the Salvation Army store in Nassau Bay to drop off some clothes that we have recently culled from our closet. Actually this was our third try to make the drop off,  but we kept finding the place closed

So I called this morning to double check the hours before we tried again. The answering machine said that the hours were 10am to 8pm, but I waited to talk to an actual person, who then told me they were open from 10am to 6pm. And when we got there about 3:30, they were open, but the sign said they were open from 10am to 4pm The previous two times we were there it was before 4pm but they were closed anyway. So take your pick.

But at least we got the two bags of clothes out of the backseat.

Our next stop was the Harbor Freight down near I-45 for a couple of things. When I was checking out  the lady gave me a big sheaf of coupons for their special Mother’s Day sale. When I got back to the truck I told Jan I now knew what I was getting her for Mother’s Day. I’m not quite sure how to take the look she gave me.

Then it was on down the road to have dinner at Cheddar’s. Jan got her favorite Key West Chicken and Shrimp, and I got the the Tortilla Soup and the 4 Veggie Plate. Really good as usual. I don’t think we’ve ever had a bad meal at Cheddar’s.

Coming home I made a convenience store stop for Powerball/MegaMillions tickets and saw this in the parking lot.

MG-VW Gazelle

At first glance I thought it was a replica early 50’s MG on a VW chassis, but it just didn’t really look right. Then I saw the Mercedes Benz Tri-Star hood ornament and realized it was replica 1929 MB SSK, the vehicle that the early MG’s was loosely based on.

What had thrown me off was the fact that the SSK was known for its 3 external exhaust pipes coming out of the hood.

SSK with pipes

And this car didn’t have them. Since these have a VW rear engine the pipes aren’t functional, just decorative, so I guess they just saved the money.

But it’s still neat, but it would have been neater with the exhaust pipes.

Looks like Thursday is going to be a dryer repair day. The dryer stopped drying a couple of days ago, so I’ll pull it out and take a look. I’m pretty sure that I will find the thermal fuse has popped. The right fuses are no longer available in the correct temperature range, only ones that are about 20° lover. The last time I needed a fuse it was $50 on eBay, so I found these on Amazon, 6 for $8.33.

Dryer Thermal Fuses - Amazon

Luckily I won’t have to pull it all the way out to replace it, so that will make it easier. Hopefully this one will last the two years that the previous one did.

Thought for the Day:  

A Sign of the Times.
Found on Amazon asking a question about a pair of wire cutters.

Can this cut through 14g stainless steel? I need to cut my septum piercing off because the balls on the ring are stuck.


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