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Alone Again . . .

Tomorrow morning I’m taking Jan up to stay at our daughter Brandi’s for a few days so she can Landon-sitting while Brandi is recovering from some dental surgery. Then if everything works out, I’ll go up and get her on Thursday.

Here’s a couple of interesting articles, one about HCQ/Z-pak/Zinc from a Yale epidemiologist, and the other from a group of Israeli / New York researchers concerning what seems to be another effective treatment for WuFlu.

Check’em out.

Hydroxychloroquine Is ‘the Key to Defeating COVID-19’, Says Yale Epidemiologist

Harvey Risch, professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, says that hydroxychloroquine is “the key to defeating COVID-19” in a Newsweek op-ed published this past week.

Meanwhile, evidence of the drug’s effectiveness was conveniently and repeatedly ignored. The media ignored a survey of doctors back in May that found an overwhelming majority of them “would prescribe hydroxychloroquine or another anti-malaria drug to a family member” suffering from the coronavirus.

Earlier this month, a large peer-reviewed study found that hydroxychloroquine cut the mortality rate of COVID-19 by more than half and, contrary to previous claims by faulty studies, had no adverse effects on the heart.


Non-Peer Reviewed Study Shows FDA-Approved Drug Might Reduce Coronavirus Symptoms To Those Of Common Cold 

A non-peer reviewed study released by Israeli scientists, working in conjunction with other researchers in New York, found that treating the coronavirus COVID-19 with a drug already approved by the FDA could possibly reduce the symptoms to those of a common cold.

Two of the scientists, Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s professor Ya’acov Nahmias and New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center’s Dr. Benjamin tenOever, said their treatment using Fenofibrate (Tricor) could hinder COVID-19’s capacity to reproduce or even make it vanish.

July 26, 2011

What do you see in this picture ?

We headed out on our overnight trip this morning, leaving a little after 8 am. Our first stop was Peter’s Coffee in downtown Cody for coffee and a breakfast roll, then a quick stop on the way out of town for gas.

Very quickly we were back in the same beautiful vistas we saw last Friday when we did Yellowstone with our friends Al and Adrienne. But it’s hard to get too much of these views.


Although we were heading for Jackson, WY and Grand Teton National Park, we decided to backtrack up past Old Faithful to see the Paint Pots and some of the other geysers.

As we came back by the same place we saw the grizzly last week we slowed down to check things out. Unfortunately, no grizzly, but right down the road we did see this female elk out in the brush.

GTNP Elk 1

Our first stop in Yellowstone was the Fountain Paint Pot area. There is a boardwalk that makes a 1/2 loop out and back so it’s an easy walk.

Paint Pot 5

It’s really hard to describe the Paint Pots. Some of it looks like the surface of the moon.

Paint Pot 1

Paint Pot 4

Some of it looks like the bowels of Hades.

Paint Pot 9

Some of it is very beautiful.

Paint Pot 2

And some of it looks like all three.

Paint Pot 6

Paint Pot 7

But however you want to describe it, it’s not to be missed.

Paint Pot 8

Our next stop was right down the road at the Midway Geyser Basin. A bridge from the parking lot takes you across the Firehole River ( apt name, don’t you think.) and out into the Basin.

Midway Geyser 1

The runoff from the geysers flows into the river and keeps it warm. In fact warm enough to be comfortable for swimming when there’s snow on the ground in the dead of winter.

Midway Geyser 2

I’ll let the rest of the photos tell the story.

Midway Geyser 3

Midway Geyser 4

Midway Geyser 5

Midway Geyser 6

By this time it was about 1 pm and we were getting hungry. So heading back to Old Faithful Village we decided to have lunch at the Old Faithful Inn where we ate last Friday. We didn’t have the buffet this time, but we definitely wanted some more of the bison chili. In fact we split a BLT (Well, Jan had a BT because she doesn’t like lettuce on sandwiches. Salads yes, sandwiches, no.) so we would have room for the chili.

Leaving Old Faithful and heading south once again we came across another female elk. So we’re two for two on elk today.

GTNP Elk 2

Down the road a ways we stopped to check out Lewis Falls, a very pretty sight.

Lewis Falls 1

Lewis Falls 2

As we finally got into Grand Teton National Park we started paralleling Jackson Lake that runs for about 20 miles along the roadway.

Jackson Lake 1

What do you see in the middle of this picture?  I’ll bet you don’t see two large bull moose.

GTNP Moose 4

But they’re there.

Jan’s Holy Grail!

What she’s been looking for since we hit the road for this year this past February.

What we made a special trip down to Grand Teton National Park for when she heard there might be some down here.

GTNP Moose 1

We were able to get as close as about 50 feet since they were in heavy brush. There was a Ranger there keeping everyone from getting too close. Otherwise SOME people would have been trying to pet them.

GTNP Moose 2

GTNP Moose 5

We watched them for about 20 minutes before they disappeared deeper into the brush and we lost sight of them.

Jan said this made the whole trip worthwhile.

Hey, if she’s happy, I’m happy.

GTNP Moose 3

Getting closer to Jackson we came across this group of bison who had knocked down the fence and were almost out into the highway.

There was a Ranger there too, keeping people back.

Man, these Rangers are real party-poopers.

GTNP Buffalo

Arriving in Jackson a little after 6 pm and getting safely ensconced in our Motel 6 room, (very nice, by the way) we heading out to get some dinner.

We had noticed a place called Bubba’a BBQ on the way in and decided to give a try.

It was easy to see why we had to wait 20 minutes for a table. Boy, was it good.

So good, in fact, we’re going back for breakfast.

July 26, 2014

Lego my Queso . . .

Since it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, we all headed out about 1pm to the Caesar Creek Flea Market right down the road. With almost 160,000 sq. ft. of indoor space, it’s one of the largest flea markets in the Midwest.

Caesar Creek 5a

In addition, they’ve got over 500 outside vendor spaces too, selling your more typical flea market stuff, used bikes, dishes, crafts, and old tools.

Caesar Creek 1A

The inside vendors are more like your typical stores, with new merchandise, as well as antiques.

Caesar Creek 2a

They did have one area set up with a very large Lego exhibit, showing what can be done with these little blocks.

Caesar Creek 3a

Caesar Creek 4a

We spent about an hour checking out the outside vendors first, as a number of them were starting to pack up due to the heat, and incoming T-storms.

Then it was inside to the nice, cool AC, and row after row of pretty much everything from tires to ATV’s to old books. It took us another couple of hours to  check out all the inside vendors. But after all that the only one of us that bought anything was Jan, who bought some small cars for Landon. But we had a good time even so.

Leaving the flea market and heading into Wilmington proper, we stopped by the Post Office to mail some  letters before deciding on El Dorado Mexican Restaurant for dinner.

The lady that cut Jan’s hair the other day said it was really good and Yelp gave it 4-1/2 stars so we thought we’d give it a chance. And we’re glad we did.

Everyone was really happy with what they had.

Jan had the Pollo Loco platter.

El Dorado 2a

And I had the Chili Verde. My Verde (green) sauce was really good, and really spicy.

El Dorado 1a

Even the chips and salsa, and the cheese dip were excellent.

FYI Here up north they call it ‘cheese dip’. In Texas we call it Queso. But if they take their ‘cheese dip’ and put meat in it (usually chorizo), then it sudden becomes Queso Fundido. Which is the same thing we call that in Texas.

We’ll go back.

Our daughter Brandi sent over this photo of a friend’s two kids that came over to play with Landon. The photo’s not too good  because there was too much light from the windows behind them. But I thought it was hilarious how they’re playing together. Look what’s propped up in front of the them.

Landon with Friends3a

Tomorrow looks to be a stay home day with some really bad weather rolling through, leading to our next cool front Monday and Tuesday with highs in low 70’s and lows in the low 50’s for two or three days. Nice.


Thought for the Day:

“In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a Congress.” – John Adams

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