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Too Cold For S’mores . . .

Jan and I left Fredericksburg about 11:30 this morning on our way to Kingsland, TX, about 55 miles away. We’re meeting up with Brandi, Lowell, and Landon, who were coming up from Katy (Houston) this morning.

Once here we all headed out to Chris and Linda’s where we were soon joined by Miss Piper who drove over from Austin where she lives. So for the first time in a while the gang was all together.

Chris Christmas Tree 2020

Then after we had exchanged Christmas gifts with everyone here, Chris and Landon quickly ended in a Video Game Deathmatch on the console game Landon brought up with him.

Landon and Chris Video Game

But the most impressive gift went to Jan.

Chris makes these giant wind chimes, this one about 15 feet high, made out of drill pipe. He welded it together and then hand turned the pipes, so it sounds like Big Ben, with deep bass gonging sounds,

Chris Big Wind Chimes

and not the high-pitched tinkle you get from the little ones.

But he recently made this smaller one up for Jan’s Christmas present this year.

Jan's Wind Chimes

All of it is from scrap or repurposed materials, or handmade pieces.

The top is from a discarded store display,

Jan's Wind Chimes Top

while the wind paddles are made from old ceiling fan blades.

Jan's Wind Chimes Bottom

This is going to look great out on the patio by the rig. Jan loves it.

We had planned to do S’mores around the firepit this evening, but as the sun went down, and the temperature dropped into the high 30’s, daytime S’mores tomorrow afternoon started to sound a lot better.

Chris FirePit 2020

But it is supposed to be warmer tomorrow night, so we’ll see.

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