And Now It’s Come To This . . .

Jan and I left the rig around 1pm, first for lunch at Dickinson Seafood. We both get the lunch special of Blackened Catfish and Shrimp, Grilled Veggies, and a salad.

Dickinson Seafood Catfish 20201020

Really good, and at only $8.59 for the lunch special, it’s a great deal too.

Then it was right back down the street to our storage room to drop off our old disassembled kitchen cart.

Kitchen Cart - Old

We got it back in 2012 for Jan to roll out into the kitchen area when she was doing a lot of cooking, like for holidays and such. But because it had to be strapped down tightly when we traveled, and so it didn’t get used as much as we thought. The extended top folds down, and it normally rode behind my computer chair, but it mostly ended up as just a place to stack things.

So we’ve been looking for something to replace it, and we came up with this CubiCubi Dresser Storage Tower.

Kitchen Cart - New

It was supposed to come in tomorrow, so we wanted to get the old one out of the way ahead of time. And it was good that we got a head start, since while we were at lunch, I got an email saying it was out for delivery, and then a few minutes later I got another one saying it had been delivered up at the office.

So as soon we dropped the old one off at the storeroom we headed up to Webster to pick up the new one.

I’ll try to get it assembled as soon as I can.

A couple of days ago Jan found something on Facebook she just had to have. It’s from a site called Hanson’s Anatomy.

Hanson's 1

Hanson's 2

Katy Hanson is a very talented artist, and found herself doodling during lectures while she was in medical school, and then began using to the doodles to construct study guides for her own use. And gradually it evolved into a full set covering the entire human body, and all its many processes.

The hardcover print version is $79.99, but the E-book version is only $29.99, so I downloaded it for Jan, the entire 337 MB file. Jan’s crazy about it.

And Now It’s Come To This:

The nose mask.

Nose Mask

And no, this is not a joke.

From Reuters.

“Researchers in Mexico have made a nose-only COVID-19 mask, which they say reduces the risk of infection of coronavirus during eating and talking.

The people behind this nose-only mask say taking off the face mask to eat or drink leaves one exposed to the virus. While this nose-only mask still provides some sort of protection.”

According to Johns Hopkins University in the U.S.A., cells that give people a sense of smell are a key entry point for coronavirus, making nose coverings like these important.

Of course, maybe one of these would work as well.

Groucho Nose Glasses

Thought For The Day:

“Man does not control his own fate. The women in his life do that for him.” – Groucho Marx

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