And Now It’s Three . . .

Jan and I left the rig about 1pm first for lunch at our favorite Los Ramirez Mexican. And as usual, it was our usual usual.

Jan’s Pechuga Rellena, a grilled chicken breast with shrimp and broccoli,

Los Ramirez Pechuga 1-05-20

and my Beef Fajita Taco Salad.

Los Ramirez Beef Fajita Taco Salad

Then it was on down to Extra Space Storage to drop off some stuff at our storage room that we’ll come back and sort through later.

Jan has been wanting a hew handbag so after our storage shed sortie we drove on down to the Tanger Outlet Mall to check out the Vera Bradley store. We were last here back in September 2018 when Jan was looking for some new things for our upcoming European trip.

She ended up with a couple of travel things, and these two handbags.

Jan's Vera Bradley Bags

But as it turned out, the bag on the left was too big for daily use, and the one on the right, the one she uses now, was too small.

But now, apparently this one new one is just right.

Vera Bradley Bag - New

And buying at their outlet store, we got a $89 degree bag for $31.15.

And Vera Bradley, the brand that coordinates everything, also had matching masks in stock.

Vera Bradley Mask

Then it was on back up to the HEB for a couple of things before we headed home.

While we were at the storage room we loaded up our handtruck to bring home so that tomorrow we can roll the box with the old toilet in it down to the park dumpster. Of course getting it up and over the rim may be fun.

Today Jan came across a recipe posted on Facebook, purporting to be for Cornbread.

I say, ‘purporting’ because it called for 1 cup of Corn Meal and I cup of Flour. And even worse, 2/3 cup of Sugar.

And here was her response.

Sorry, but my husband says that if it has flour in it, it ISN”T cornbread. At least not in Alabama.

With that much flour and sugar, it’s not Cornbread, it’s just Corn Cake.

Here’s his grandmother’s recipe from back in the 1920’s.

2 cups Corn Meal – Coarse Stone Ground
2 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Sugar
1/2 cup Powdered Milk

Add water (about 1-3/4 cups) until liquid consistency.

Add 1 Egg and beat in.

Bake in 450° oven until set.
Turn on broiler until brown. Watch carefully.
Best done in a cast-iron skillet using about a tsp of bacon grease. Or Wesson Oil.

Since refrigeration was spotty back in that time, they didn’t always have fresh milk, but Powdered Milk was always on hand.

And you only want enough sugar to make the top brown up under the broiler.

Cornbread should not be SWEET!

And don’t have any bacon grease on hand? Well now you can buy it on Amazon.

Bacon Grease

Bacon Up Bacon Grease

Wrapping up, it was annouced today that as of March 10th, Governor Abbot is lifting ALL CoVid mandates in the state of Texas, including mask requirements, occupancy restrictions, everything.

And starting tomorrow, Mississippi is doing the same thing.

So now Jan only has a week to wear her new Vera Bradley mask.

Thought For The Day:

The only difference between a good girl and a bad girl is that good girls are very selective who they’re bad with.



3 Responses to And Now It’s Three . . .

  1. Lois says:

    I live in PA and I am ready to move to Texas!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I am considering wearing a mask in public maybe forever.  Just because!!  I can dress as a bandit if I want to!!

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