Boats and Jeeps . . .

Well, I remembered last night go outside and confirm that I had a good site line for Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite Internet system, so this morning I went online and signed up for the service and paid my $99 deposit.They’re saying mid to late 2021 to receive my system.

Really looking forward to 300 Mbps! And maybe a lot faster.

I mentioned a couple of days ago that Jan and I were going up to Brandi’s on Sunday for an Easter get-together. Well, that’s been expanded to all weekend.

Now we’re going up on Saturday afternoon to spend the day in the headed pool and the evening around the firepit, and then have our Easter dinner on Sunday. And probably some more heated pool time.

In the meantime, I mentioned that Miss Piper had to work this weekend, so she wouldn’t be at Brandi’s, and now it looks like Chris and Linda are off on their own adventure.

They’re off with a bunch of fellow Jeep enthusiasts on a week-long road trip out to Utah. But Chris is probably the only one on the trip who pretty much built his Jeep.

It started like this.

Chris' Jeep 1

And then he ended up like this.

Chris' Jeep 2

Of course, he once took a rotted-out boat that was out in a field with a tree growing out of it, and turned it into this.

Century Arabian 1

Century Arabian 2

And not only did he rebuilt the boat, he also rebuilt the Ford 351 Windsor (Mercruiser) engine, and a Velvet Drive inboard/outboard drive unit.

Hopefully we’ll get some photos back from the trip soon.

A few days ago I decided to upgrade the soundbar on our TV system. I wanted something with more bass, I.e. a subwoofer, and the ability to individually adjust the bass, and the treble, especially the treble.

I mentioned before that some reason the treble on CuriositySteam seems muted compared to other streaming channels, so putting all this together, I ordered a new soundbar system from Amazon.

VMAI Soundbar

VMAI Soundbar with Subwoofer

It came in today, and once I got it home, it only took a few minutes to substituted it for the old one. The only thing new was the placement of the subwoofer, which I placed behind the TV itself.

And it sounds great!

The remote has pre-set equalizer buttons for Music, Movies, News, and a really neat 3D mode,that simulates Surround Sound. And then of course, separate bass and treble adjustment buttons.

All in all, a really nice unit.

Tomorrow we’re getting an early start, leaving the rig about 7am. We’ve both got our annual physicals with our family doctor starting at 8am.

Here’s hoping for good numbers.

Thought For The Day:

“Liberty is always dangerous but it is the safest thing we have.” — Henry Emerson Fosdick

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