Homeward Bound . . .

Both Brandi and her family, and my Jan are all homeward bound. And even better, a day early. They left Colorado this morning and are spending the night in Amarillo, before coming on back tomorrow afternoon.

So I’ll be able to pick Jan up tomorrow afternoon, instead of Saturday.


And of course you shouldn’t pass though Amarillo without eating at the Big Texan Steak Ranch at least once

Landon at Big Texan Steakhouse

Don’t know if he did the 72oz. Challenge or not.

I stopped off at HEB this afternoon after picking up some Amazon orders, and finally found out why I can’t find Coke Zero Vanilla anymore, and Coke Zero Cherry almost never. It seems there’s an aluminum can shortage.

But Googling didn’t really clear up the cause. Some sites said it was due to the pandemic of course, while other sites said it was the Chinese Trade Embargo. ???

While I was in line to check out, the lady in front of me reach over and place the divider thingie behind her stuff. When I thanked her, she smiled, nodded, and then I said, “You must be having a sleepover this weekend”.

She looked at me in amazement, and I think a little concern, and said, “How do you know that?”

“Well, you’ve got your cart piled high with bags of candy bars, chips, Goldfish, PopTarts, soft drinks, and juice boxes. Probably not stuff you would usually buy for YOUR kids. But anything to keep them quiet, right.”

“And then for you, you’ve got those two REALLY big bottles of wine.”

She looked at me and started laughing, along with the checkout clerk, and said, “I only hope I’ve got enough wine! There’s 10 of them.”

For her sake, I hope she does too.

Crossing our fingers, I sure looks like they’ve started resurrecting the Monterey’s Mexican Kitchen over on I-45 and FM-517. I noticed both yesterday and today that there was a dumpster out front and a half dozen work trucks.

The place was flooded during Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, and we kept hearing that they were going to rebuild it SOON. But SOON has stretched out to 3-1/2 years now.

Here’s hoping.

Wrapping up, here’s something kind of creepy for you.

Spider HairCut


But why?

Thought For The Day:

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” — Kierkegaard

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  1. Rob says:

    The Big Texas Steak Ranch is worth making Amarillo a destination in my book!


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