She’s HOME! . . .

I left work at a little after noon, heading up to Katy to finally pick up my Jan. I got there about 1, and found her all packed and ready to go, waiting at the kitchen door.

Brandi had already called and said they were about 45 minutes out, so we loaded up and got on the road. One of the dogs, Jack, has be to be put in his cage when there’s no home, otherwise he gets a little destructive. But Jan hates for him to be locked up for too long, so we try to time it close.

Coming back down the Tollway we turned off at the Pearland Pkwy to get lunch at the El Pollo Loco that we just found was in the area. As usual, we each got a 3 piece meal, with their Charro Beans, and the new Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice. Really good.

And we got some more to take home for later. As usual.

Getting back to the Clear Lake area, we swung by the the office to pick up my AC control box that had come earlier in the afternoon. Then it was back to the rig with quick detour through Cowboy Coffee to enjoy out on the patio when we got home.

Lately it seems to be a recurring theme. Someone decides that something/someone ‘offends’ them, and the baying of hounds of cancellation commences.

In this latest cancellation, it seems to be Dr. Seuss. In at least one example, he depicted a Chinese person eating with chopsticks while wearing a conical hat.

Oh, the horror.

And it did seem to make any difference that Chinese publications still show Chinese peasants working in the rice paddies dressed exactly the same way.

It ‘offended’ someone somewhere so it must be destroyed.

So with Dr. Seuss in the crosshairs this time, Amazon stopped selling some of his books, and said they’re looking at the rest of them. But then there’s this.

Amazon Seuss Hitler

Or the Communist Manifesto, Mao’s Little Red Book, or a number of other similar tomes.

But as happens, this caused a backlash from people apparently not so easily offended, leading to the shirt I just ordered, ironically also from Amazon.

Come And Take Dr. Seuss

But  I have other items with the same theme.

Molon Labe Shirt

‘Molon Labe’ is what the 300 Spartans told the Persian leader, Xerxes I, when he demanded they lay down their weapons and surrender at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. It pretty much means, ‘Come and take them.”

This was also used at the Battle of Gonzales in the War for Texas Independence in 1835, when the Mexican army wanted their cannon back. And for that, I have this.

Come And Take It Mug

And then, just on general principals, I also have this shirt.

Don't California My Texas T-Shirt

Kind of conveys a similar meaning.

Thought For The Day:

Positive CoVid Test

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    It is so hard living in a country gone stark raving mad!!  What is scary is how likely it is to continue to even worse things.  It is so good to be old, you know, Greg…cause our time of torment will not be so very long…but what about our offspring??  THAT is my worry!!  I think those who grew up with Dr. Seuss might be more mentally intact than those who did not.  His books taught a lot of things.  Once we lived in a town for almost 15 years that turned out to be one of those “armpits” of the world…in more ways than one…that story Dr. Seuss wrote about the Star-bellied Sneetches made SUCH huge sense to me…I read that MANY times to the grandkids (with GREAT emphasis I might add) and told them some of what we lived through in that awful town.  I hope they never forget that lesson!!  Probably Dr. Seuss never lived in that town…but in my view he wrote the book about that town!!  HA!  And meanwhile, Nero continues to fiddle while Rome burns.  Some of the awful things to do with child trafficking are virtually ignored by all…and the courts, police, cps, and other agencies are all involved to some degree to helping it to continue…but people are worried about Dr. Seuss…there are far greater issues to be worried about.  Yet most sleep on…

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