Daily Archives: May 10, 2009

Mother’s Day & Other ‘Stuff’…

Today was one of those lay-around days.

Took Jan to Applebee’s for Mother’s Day lunch and then stopped off at WalMart to pick up some ‘stuff’.

On that note, have you notice how it seems we never have enough ‘stuff’.  No matter how much ‘stuff’ we buy, a week or so later, we have to buy more ‘stuff’.

What I can’t figure out is where all the ‘stuff’ we do buy keeps going.  It’s there one minute, and then I turn around and it’s gone.

The only thing I can figure out is that it turns into dryer lint.  I mean, think about it.

With as much dryer lint as you pull out of the filter every time you dry clothes, it can’t all come ‘from’ your clothes.  Soon you wouldn’t have any clothes left. They would have unraveled into dryer lint.

And it can’t come from something ‘on’ your clothes, because you just washed them, right.  They’re clean!

So the answer is that ‘stuff’ has a life expectancy of about a week. 

After that it dissolves into dryer lint.

And I think it’s a conspiracy headed up by ‘Big Stuff’ to keep us all buying more ‘stuff’. 

I mean, has a week ever passed that you didn’t need more ‘stuff’?

If ‘Big Stuff’ made better quality ‘stuff’ that lasted longer, we wouldn’t have this problem.  Instead they sell us this inferior ‘stuff’ with ‘built-in planned obsolescence’, probably made in ‘stuff’ shops overseas…

Where was I?  Oh yeah.  After WalMart, we got the toad washed and then went to a Carvel Ice Cream place right next door. I remembered them from years ago, but didn’t realize they were still around. I tried one of their iced coffees and it really good.

After we got home I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing up the solar screens for the windshield and the front side and door windows.

We’re parked heading due west and the afternoon sun hitting that big windshield really let’s in the heat.  So much so, that the AC units run continuously all afternoon trying to keep up.

This solar screen fabric is supposed to keep out 90% of the heat so we’ll see how it works.

And to think, this time last year we were being snowed on in Fairbanks.

The STS-125 Shuttle launch is still on for tomorrow afternoon so we’re still planning to head up to Cape Kennedy early tomorrow morning, probably about 6am.

Will let you know how it goes…