Daily Archives: May 30, 2009

Chinese Food and Satellite Repair…

Today we just took it easy around the rig until about 3:30 pm when we headed out to the New Peking Buffet Chinese restaurant for an early supper and then on to Walmart for more ‘stuff’.

When we got back a little after 5 pm a guy showed up to get some help with his satellite dish.

His wife had come by earlier in the day and noticed my satellite setup and ask if I could help her husband when he got back.  I said ‘sure’.

Here’s my satellite setup.

Satellite Stand

Satellite Stand

Note the ‘visitor’ on the white rock on the dish base.

The dish is a Winegard Traveler that folds down and stows away, and the base is a Husky Workhorse work stand that I bought at Home Depot.  I like it is much more stable than a tripod, and like the dish, it also folds flat.

I don’t the stand every time,  just when I need to.  Usually I just set the dish on the picnic table (most sites have one), but sometimes the table is not in the right position if I have a lot of trees like we do here.

‘RJ” the guy I was helping had just purchased a Direct TV setup including a dish on a tripod. The night before, strong winds had blown his dish over, one of several things I don’t like about tripods.  This had bent his dish slightly, and he wasn’t having any luck getting his dish aligned again.

I showed him how to anchor his tripod better, and how to align his dish every time he sets up.

I think he’s a ‘happy camper’ now.

More tomorrow…