Daily Archives: May 3, 2010

Home Sweet Motorhome…

We left the motel about 9:30 am and starting driving south along the coast on the Pacific Coast Highway. As we passed thru Pismo Beach we detoured down to the pier to check out the restaurant, Pierside, where we were going to eat lunch later on our way back north.

Although it’s called the Pacific Coast Highway, a lot of it is not exactly along the coast, because the coastline is mountains right down to the ocean. In fact I’ve been amazed about how mountainous California, and especially the coast, really is. Los Angeles especially, was a surprise in how hilly it really is. The city is just surrounded by mountains on three sides, and many of the communities are separated by steep hills. Even the famous Rodeo Drive only travels a few blocks before it starts climbing into the hills. And when we took our Homes of the Hollywood Stars tour, almost all the star’s estates are up in the hills. After all, it’s not called Beverly HILLS for nothing.

We followed US 1 (PCH) as far south as Los Alamos before we turned around and headed back north.

Getting back to Pismo Beach, we had a great lunch at Pierside, a place right on the water beside the pier. Nick Russell recommended it to us, and he wasn’t wrong. I had the Fish & Chips, and Jan had the Shrimp & Chips. They were both great.





Leaving Pismo Beach, we headed back north along US 101 to catch SR 46 to take us back to Coarsegold and our rig.

Before we got to San Luis Obispo we came across these signs along the way.


We seen a lot of these type of signs along our travels — moose, elk, caribou, mountain goats, sheep, bison, oryz, and others. But this is the first time we’ve seen bears. Of course, as with all the other signs above, we never seen the actual animals, just the signs. Bummer!

We stopped in San Luis Obispo for gas, and to put air in a tire. Then it was on up to SR 46, and then on to SR 41 which would take us all the way home.

We stopped in Kettleman City to use the restroom and get a treat.

Between Fresno and home, we talked to both our kids, Brandi and Chris. And that’s always a treat.

We got home a few minutes after 4, and as usual, it’s always good to be home.

For dinner, Jan heated up the last of the Tuscan Chicken Spaghetti that she fixed in the crock pot a couple of days ago. Like most Italian dishes, it just seem to improve with age.

Then for dessert, we split one of the delicious cinnamon buns that we got Sunday night at Crills II in Morro Bay. As usual, another great recommendation from Nick Russell.  Thanks Nick.

Tomorrow we’ll take it easy as we get ready to travel on Wednesday.

More later…